Let’s face it. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there! Fresh graduates are swarming out of their alma mater’s bosom into a competitive professional world where their diminutive statures are completely overshadowed by the bigwigs of the industry. Established professionals are looking for better job opportunities to help pave their professional success. The employer, albeit slightly better off in the structure of things is wielding a huge responsibility of selecting the champion candidate among a burgeoning crowd of aspirants. And truth be told, searching the right job may take a considerable amount of your time.

We get it! The predicament is enough to make you want to fling your computer out of the window! Not anymore! CareerBuilder India initiates The Career Muse – a humble blog guides you through this confusing journey, with the guarantee to shake up your job/employee hunting experience forever. With nimble tips and tricks on dealing with the delusional colleague, the burgeoning work load, to insight on current industry trends, The Career Muse hopes to be your knight in shining armor all the way. Join our community of job seekers and follow us of Goggle Plus to experience the difference.

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