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No matter, whether you are lucky enough to get your dream job or not, you cannot always enjoy work. However, once in a while, to have a bad day at work is still inevitable, but if it has become the routine chore, then you need to take some action against it.

Unsatisfied work life

Secret: Shh.. We have the easiest and the effective to- do actions. If you start implementing these, you’ll be amazed to see, how effectively these can motivate & brighten up your mood.  

  • Smile: Even if you do not feel like, smile. It isn’t difficult to trick your mind and convince it that you are happy. Also, spend time with people who are happy, because research says happiness is infectious.

Beating hard day at work: smile


  • Swipe the clutter & brighten up the space: According to Feng Shui, by getting rid of clutter, negativity gets swiped too. Hope you understood why you do not wish to work or are properly able to concentrate at work. No? Ahh, the problem is with your work desk!

Beating hard day at work: Clean desk


  • Make Friends: You need a buddy at work to vent out all your work frustration, find a solution, and concentrate on your core responsibilities.

Beating hard day at work: Make Friends


  • Drinking helps: Nahh not alcoholic drinks, I meant drinking water.
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Beating hard day at work: Drink Water


  • Be focused: Do not shift your focus from work. The better way is to have a work goal.

Beating hard day at work: Have Work Goals


  • Learn a new skill: Even if you say that ‘I am busy and don’t have time for this’, then too i would suggest you to learn a new skill. Hey, it isn’t difficult, know how.

Beating hard day at work: Learn new skill


  • Don’t lament over your helplessness:  You are not a super hero, so you can not control everything. What’s the use of feeling negative about it or feeling sad about it?

Beating hard day at work: Don't be negative


The power of Breaks : Who doesn’t love breaks? Well, but did you hear about productive breaks?

Beating hard day at work: Productive breaks


All the best, start implementing these tricks and lead a happy work life.

Enjoy work


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