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June 21, the day has been marked as the ‘International Yoga Day’ by Prime Minister Narendra Modi recognizing and taking the ancient practice of health and well-being across the world.

According to Assocham research, nearly 45.5 % of corporate employees are suffering from stress, obesity and general anxiety, as a disease due to fitness time, which is lacking in their everyday regimen. All that they are doing is traveling to and from workplace, sitting for continuous hours at their desks, keeping their eyes intact with laptops without a miss and intake of caffeine.   End result? An unhealthy body and mind.

Power of Yoga in Professional World

As we know Yoga is an ancient practice providing both physical and mental benefits to individuals, the advantages go a long way in keeping them fit if they bring those 5 minutes Yoga practices to their busy, working life. Presently, many organizations are recognizing the benefits of Yoga and offering free Yoga session at workplace to ensure the physical and mental well-being of their employees. Owing to the varied range of Yoga poses, it is hence not tough for an individual to spare a couple of minutes and invest on his body, mind and soul. How?

CareerBuilder for Employers presents the most trending Yoga apps that you can enlighten your new candidates, as well as existing employees with. A way to employee engagement, tell your employee how s/he can become a fit working professional.

the most trending Yoga apps

1. 5 Minute Yoga

If you are a person who has always stayed away from Yoga, time to begin with this 5 Minute Yoga App, designed exclusively for beginners. The app adumbrates a set of short Yoga exercises that are easy to perform anytime and anywhere during the day. The best part about the app is the animated illustration of each pose that keeps you engaged in the app and through which understanding and following the instructions becomes an exciting workout journey.

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2. Buddhify 2

Stress emerging from excessive work pressure, conflict with colleagues, bad boss, long commute hours, less pay, and more reasons like these is a part of working life making an individual less competent, enthusiastic and passionate towards his work. All that he needs at this juncture is mind relaxation. With the help of Buddhify 2 app, launched especially for Android and iPhone users, you can unwind your mind with a wide array of meditation lessons offered. Keep track of your activity and status after listening to those soothing meditation lessons and identify the change in your working attitude.

 3Pocket Yoga

Making yoga a daily practice can bring wonders to body and soul especially with Pocket Yoga app. The app entails 27 different yoga sessions each being of diverse duration. Keep your device in front and learn the multitude of yoga exercises anytime during the day, may be early morning. The popular yoga poses also come up with a dictionary that helps you understand the detailed explanation of the exact alignment, posture and benefit of the pose. Available for both iPhone and Android users. Download now!

4. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Do you adore music but feel it has taken a leap somewhere else? With the wonderful Calm app, you can relax again on the lap of nature by listening to 16 absolutely blissful music tunes. Designed for both Android and iPhone users, the app is an ultimate guide to restore the lost focus, creativity, and enthusiasm at work. With the premium version of this app, you can fully energize your chakras and become all the way more positive, happy and fit at workplace.

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5. Pranayam

Yoga is all about mindful breathing. Pranayam app is the ideal app for people in hunt for a disease-free body and heathy mind. This app brings a comprehensive range of structured exercises and courses that are accompanied by a timer, so you don’t lose where you reached. Learn the basics of pranayama and get rid of all the stress, bodily diseases and psychological disturbances.

6. Performance Stretching

One of the latest apps, performance stretching is the one for fitness freaks who do not find time to go to the gym or attend a physical Yoga center. With the wonderful app, you can restart your fitness journey as it allows you to carry all the stretches, that help you burn fat, lose inches, stay fit in no time. A paid mobile application, performance stretching presents a series of stretches which are motion-based. So, you don’t get bored while learning the best workout for yourself.

7. GPS for the Soul

 ‘GPS’ – we have all heard this term to detect the road maps. The app has been launched to detect your anxiety levels. All you need to do is, create your personalized GPS guides, along with your favorite music, images and quotes. The app will help to keep you on track each time you would feel low. What an instant way to soothe your mind? Don’t forget to install it.

Adherents from all the world have embraced the wonders of Yoga. The wealth of yoga apps listed above can help you save time and utilize the best Yoga exercises for a healthy body, mind and soul. A healthy mind and body not only will keep you energetic where you are presently working but will also pave the way to a bright career that you have envisioned for yourself.

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