Everyone knows the basics of insurance: life and general. The farthest you can imagine is the subdivision of these two categories; so the list would include fire, motor, health, home, business etc. But did you know that Heidi Klum has insured her legs for $2 million? We’ll give it to Jennifer Lopez for getting her butt insured, BUT what’s with Tom Jone’s chest hair? For all those who think Insurance is boring, CareerBuilder India lists five weird and astonishing insurance types to reconsider your place in this constantly evolving industry:


1. Cold Feet Insurance: If you have watched Runaway Bride, the movie in which the female protagonist feels a sudden urge to run away from her own marriage despite having tried a dozen of times – then you would know what it means to have cold feet. Those who insure couples against wedding expenses indeed help save a million heartbreaks. Marriage is an expensive affair; therefore, the cold feet insurance industry truly has a lot of prosperity to look forward to.

2. Otherworldly Insurance: To make insurance and insurance premiums a cosmic thing wasn’t such a big task. The insurance industry had everything charted out when it came to otherworldly insurance. From spaceships to UFOs, anything that falls out of the earth’s atmosphere is eligible to be covered under this kind of insurance (even alien abduction insurance). So if you ever have a chance to work in this branch of insurance, wouldn’t life literally have a new meaning?

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3. Twin Insurance: The improbable is tackled best by being one thing, and that is – insured. On the other hand, working in the sphere of twin insurance means helping people cover risks on unexpected expenditure, even if that means on family. As a branch of the insurance industry, insurance against the improbable is being supported by majority of the population in various countries. The scope of twin and multiple-birth insurance is therefore extremely high.

4. Kidnap Ransom Extortion Insurance: It’s a perilous world that spins on the power and threat of money and kidnap ransom extortion insurance is a kind of insurance policy which has been designed to minimize or negate the loss of the most valuable commodity, which is money. Designed for the big shots, this insurance policy is generally taken by business people who deal in a lot of cash. If you work as a kidnap ransom extortion insurance advisor, the kind of premium that you would be dealing with, would be over whelming in itself.

5. Wine Tasters’ Insurance: Though this is a type of career insurance, a wine taster’s insurance also pertains to securing the senses against loss. Whether it’s the sense to smell, to see, or to taste – for some they are the sole source of livelihood. As a taste insurer you will deal with a sensitive yet one of the most important aspects of insurance.

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While the insurance sector has suffered from a certain image problem in the past few decades, the industry is gaining ground once again. With brand new concepts and career options to choose from, insurance is ready to become a job seeker’s favourite beating options like Banking and IT.

IMAGE SOURCE: www.rngfinancial.com

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