We spent hours sitting on the same desk, working in the same workspace. The way the workspace is kept discloses our personality. The well-being and work productivity of an employee is seen through his workspace.

Scientists have a whole different idea of a perfect workplace which reflects your personality at the same time helps you in getting work done faster. Here are some innovative tips to make your workspace scientifically perfect.

Make it your own
Taking control over your workspace increases your commitment to the workplace. You put in more than usual when you work in likeable surroundings. Define your workspace, get pin-boards to decorate it and put your personal stuff around it. Some offices also provide small amount of money to employees to customize their workspace. According to study, 32 percent employees have greater productivity when they define their workplace.

Curves are in!
Curves are friendlier than straight lines. People’s psyche has the tendency to like furniture which is more curves than being sharp and straight. In a study, under-grad students were shown computer generated images of furniture and most of them had a preference for curvy furniture than rectilinear furniture. Rounded edges and curvy furniture is known to stimulate positive emotions leading to increased creativity and output from each employee. Placing the furniture in circles or curves promotes a collective mindset and putting it in line promotes a more individual thinking.

Visually Dynamic
Colours and lights have different psychological impact on the employee, adjusting these according to the work you are engaged in enhances your productivity. For example, blue and green lights are shown to have a positive effect on minds which are involved in concocting new ideas. Darker spaces give a feeling of freedom which is necessary in most creative fields. Brighter light rise to a increased skill in evaluative and analytical work. Putting red colour around your workspace helps you to pay attention to detail. All accountants know what to do now!

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Natural motivators
Plants have great restorative powers. Invest in a small plant which you can keep on your desk. Plants are counter attack to stressful meetings and long hours of tiring work. They also reduce the pollution level in the office.

Windows have an ability to keep you calm and at peace. The natural landscapes recharge your mind. The cities do not offer landscapes all that much but if you can negotiate for a seat which faces a park or some greenery, nothing like it.

Mess is Good
For people who like chaos around them to make their minds work, a messy desk in a blessing. Some of your desks are so messy that there is not enough space to scroll a mouse or put a small pot of plant. As far as it is your desk, it just does not matter. You may find stuff that you never expected to find and may convert it into a groundbreaking idea. With the increasing stress on organized work and organized spaces, Einstein once commented “If a cluttered desk is a sign of cluttered mind what is an empty desk sign of?”

What does your workplace smell of?



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