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Where does inspiration come from? No doubt it comes from all the different places for different people, out of which movie is one powerful source. So, if movies inspire you and you are also an engineer or studying engineering, then here are the five movies that you would love watching in your free time and get inspired from.


Based on true story, 21 is a movie centered on Ben Campbell – a bright student of M.I.T Boston who yearns to get a scholarship & get transferred to Harvard School of Medicine. Ben has to pay $300,000 for the four to five years of schooling which he can not afford because he comes from poor, working-class background. For his schooling, he wants to get the money and for the same he went on a secret weekend trip to Las Vegas, where with his skills of code talk and hand signals he wins blackjack at Casino and makes enough dollars to get himself in Harvard.


The Social Network
The true story of inventing the Facebook is the must watch specially for the engineering students to get inspired from. ‘The Social Network’ movie talks about several underlying factors that can simply influence a career of a person. This is worth watching to see how with creativity & spontaneity, one can create an exceptional idea like Facebook.


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A movie from 1982 is another worth watch to see how computers were shown on-screen during that era. This is a perfect example to see how computers & technology were used in the creation of motion pictures.

Batman / The Dark Knight / The Dark Knight Rises
The action scenes and the astounding sets in all the three series Batman, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises are the reasons for why you should watch this movie. Along with this, Christopher Nolan has given hundred of other reasons to love the comic turned movie.

Star Wars
With the stupefying spaceships, weapons, and musical instruments along with the amazing story line, Star Wars is yet another hit movie that engineers would love to see. It’s a must watch for the tech geeks to see what difference does a power of imagination make.

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