Career option for literature grads

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Since its first origination between 8th to 11th centuries, English literature initially in the form of Old English, fascinates world of million literally passionate students, who juggle their head to understand the core and language of this vast literary language and retire as some of the best scholars of the world.

Career option for literature grads

But apart from being one of the most beautiful academic course in the world, English Literature Enhances your skill as a writer and comprehensive speaker, nothing more. No doubt you will learn about some of the fantastic language creation, its history-present-future, implementation and usage, but by the end of the day every English grad student asks one question to himself and it is “what career option do I have apart from being a writer, editor and journalist?”

Delhi – the capital city of India and one of the oldest city of India has some of the world class literature institution which allow students to explore their English skills, knowledge and peruse their professional career as writers, editors and even media people, but what else. Delhi as a major commercial hub of India creates thousand job opportunity each year and unlike other student, an English grad has to satisfy themselves with few. Jobs in Delhi for freshers are countless and hence with time some not-so-typical career options have emerged which allow English Literature student to explore their option and select from the best.

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Best 5 unconventional career options for English literature grads are:

  1. Public Sector Jobs:As one of the largest democratic country in the world, Indian capital is the center of all government activities and hence one of the largest creator of public sector jobs. Administrative, Civil Services, health, Government, Police, Armed Forces et al create hundreds of jobs in Delhi for freshers and allow everyone with great analytical, communication, R&D skills explore their option.
  2. Law: Get associated with the legal department of the country with a graduate level degree. Demand and supply gap in legal sector in India is huge and with some additional degree in Law, you can easily avail other job options in the legal department of India.
  3. Business/Accounting/Finance: If you have the ability to play with words and numbers as well, then accounting/finance/business is waiting for you. For any English Literature student who is good in mathematical skill, the doors of business world are wide open.
  4. Human Resource:Are you good with people? Do you have the skills to manage them? If yes, then Human resource Management is your thing indeed. With highest number of jobs in Delhi for freshers, human management can be joined by anyone with a bachelor’s degree in human resource or some diploma.
  5. IT Project Management: As an IT Project Manager, one needs to have great communication and analytical skills. As an IT Project Manager, candidate needs to manage, plan, coordinate and direct technical stuffs to their team. Higher education in IT or a Diploma can also allow English student to find a job in competitive IT market.
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A Word of Advice

It’s understood that as a English Literature Student you will have great communication, analytical and writing skills and if you want to make it big in any not-so-regular English grad job then it is important to have sound knowledge of the skills required in that particular domain. Go for a diploma or certification program and allow yourself to explore the professional world.

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