Leadership Styles

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“Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things”, says Peter Ducker – Writer and Consultant.

Leadership and management, these two words have often baffled the bosses of and in different organizations. Nevertheless, the subtle difference between the two has only realized and acquired by a few. A manager and leader both has diverse roles, which go in synchronization. Managers are facilitators who ensure the team has everything to be productive, well-trained and groomed for the next level. With their distinguished knowledge and experience, they work towards bringing out an end-result, which is qualitative and worth the team’s effort.

Conversely, any member who has the talent to lead the team with his great ideas can work as the leader of the team. A leader hence, leads on his or her strengths and not titles. S/he is the one who aligns with the manager, understands what can add more value to the end results and ensures the team’s performance meets the manager’s assigned plan. He could be bossy, authoritative, friendly, lethargic, responsible or demanding. His style can be as different as he wishes to choose, just like the manager.

Now, when we talk about leadership styles- every new or old manager wants to acquire or carries one. Generally, most managers adhere to one or more styles which they are comfortable with. However, research says that managers must procure leadership styles, which are in the benefit of their teams and organization as a whole. Great managers always allow more leaders to emerge so the team remains inspired with new innovations and accomplishes goals, which demand a higher level of responsibility and creative ideas.

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As a manager, you would be dealing with ongoing obstacles of the team and sometimes projects are actually a long series of challenges. At this juncture, it is advisable to adapt a leadership style that works best for the situation, leaders working with you and the entire team to keep moving with high spirits and results, whatever they may turn out, they are always worth a collective effort.

The latest infographic creatively explains the top 5 leadership styles every manager must adapt and execute at the right time.

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leadership styles

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