The managerial class of the workplace can be classified into broad archetypes with a distinct set of characteristics innate to each one of them. You would find these managerial archetypes in every office, going about their work in their own fashion. Sometimes, you need to manage your mind to manage the managers on your head.

Check out the different archetypes they fall into-

The Hitler Manager

They grunt and not talk. They order employees around and they are least bothered if they are people. For all they are concerned about are the deadlines and projects undertaken. Unconcerned about their subordinates they lash out on everyone who does not do it their way.


The Fuzzy Manager

These people are epitome of care and consideration. They overtly praise you and appreciate the smallest of efforts on your part. Most times, the appreciation is often exaggerated and not quite honest. They like to keep to their warm and fuzzy self to be liked by their employees; they try to trigger your sensitive bone for some action.


The You-Do-It All Manager

Some managers like to keep the communication to the minimal and get work done. They just seem to think that the employees know enough for the work to get done.  All they need is to get timely mails from their subordinates with attached copies of specified work. They don’t care about the employees as long as they are getting work done.

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The Equal Opportunity Manager

These managers delve into the skills of people before assigning them work and promote democratic discourses before taking decisions on any project. They prefer brainstorming to individual thinking, and like to keep the communication liberal. They are extremely approachable and have a positive aura around them.


The Nimble Picking Manager

Better termed as, ‘control freaks’ they could also be called detail-oriented and too involved a manager. They want to know absolutely everything that is possibly going on with his/her team. So, they start the day updating himself/herself from one person and goes to same person in an hour to know what they are upto.


Which manager archetype is your manager?


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