The image of an accountant is a stereotypical one – A bespectacled man wearing boring formals, carrying a big bag and a bigger calculator. Looking at one you think what made them turn like that, the numbers? Thank god you have hated numbers since ever.


At least you are years ahead of becoming a fashion disaster. If this is how you think about accountants, behold, CareerBuilder India lists careers in accounting that will completely alter your image of an accountant. And if you think that these variations might be some fancy version of the same old stuff, you are mistaken. Take a look at some of the most intriguing accounting jobs listed as follows:

A)     FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT: For those who have a thing for fraud and a whole lot of love for detecting it, forensic accounting might just be the right career choice. From investigating financial crimes to getting to the roots of money laundering, they are the ones who are always making sense out of one penny short or one penny wise. Often found testifying in trails about any mischief with money, their job takes them where the money is.

B)      INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTANTS: If you love to travel, a job as an international accountant promises you the position and the pay to fulfil your dream. Not just that, as an international accountant your work won’t be limited to an office cubicle. What’s more? You will also get a chance to work with people all around the world.

C)      IRS CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION SPECIAL AGENT: Mix crime and drama with money and what you get is an excellent motley that works as a case for an IRS Criminal investigator. It’s a known fact that money makes the world go crazy. It is capable of building relations and breaking some too. From things like embezzlement to extortion to murder, all happen because of money. So basically, at that designation you will be investigating criminal violations.

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D)     ENVIRONMENTAL ACCOUNTANT: Another interesting twist in the career of accounting is when it steers towards the environmental angle. The focus of this branch of accounting is on calculating the cost that business has to incur on “giving back” to the environment. The focus is on creating an equilibrium and establishing social responsibility. Things that you will be assessing include cost of pollution control, waste management expenses etc.

E)      SHOWBIZ ACCOUNTING: With a tinge of entertainment inculcated in it, showbiz accounting is about analyzing, deciding, manipulating and determining the cost of entertainment events, celebrities, causes etc. If your luck is great, you can even find a place in the Hollywood or Bollywood industry.

As far as the degree or education is concerned, to be an accountant you need to have completed a course that comprises subjects like financial management, managerial accounts, cost and activity accounting. A Master’s degree in business administration would suffice but a professional course like CFA or CA would score you more points when it comes to placement in such positions.

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