Creative people are known to be distinct from the crowd, their aura is certainly unmatched. Most of their charm is centered to their stylish clothes and accessories, which have an extraordinary quality about them-

Here is a list of top 5 essential wears for women in creative professions-


Huge Cat Eye Glasses

As the name goes, they are shaped like the eyes of a cat, tilting upwards from the upper edges. These were popular in the 1950’s with Marilyn Monroe wearing them! They look particularly nice on faces which have high cheekbones. They are the chic and trendy for summers and have the tendency to make you look beautiful without any eye make-up. The creative geeks adorn it daily like a ritual.

Scarves and Stoles

Colourful scarves are a trademark of funky people. These pieces of cloth can make bland dresses look appealing! They come in a myriad of hues to match almost anything you wear. You can simply curl them around your neck, tie a soft knot on the side or simply fling it around your handbag. Stoles which are slightly longer than scarves are commonly teamed up with ethnic wear-long tees and short kurtis.



There is nothing new about skirts, except that they still make for the trendiest garment. Traditional long skirts when worn to office look stunning, they are also immensely comfortable. Nowadays, you get them in any markets around town at an economical rate. The A-line skirts are also making a comeback in office with creative women going for a more extensive variety.

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Jholas and Totes

When it comes to the classic Indian creative scenario, the jhola comes first! The undisputed leader of India’s handbag world, they come in various shapes and designs. Made out of fabric, they have gracious amount of mirror-work and embroidery. They are mostly paired with ethnic wear.
Totes are handbags which are not necessarily made out of fabric. They have smaller handles and come in funky colours and prints. Usually, totes preferred by creative women have some eccentric message printed on them or have an abstract design which makes them stand apart from the crowd of corporate totes.


Long Neck Pieces

Chunky neck pieces going all the way to the midriff is a tradition amongst creative women, which they seldom let go. The designs vary from animal figures to an amazing amalgamation of trivial materials from everyday life. These also include the malas made out of beads which enhance the look of a fancy outfit.



Which is your favorite daily accessory to the workplace?


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