Nobody can predict how viral a digital campaign would be, irrespective of its brand reach. You just don’t know what clicks with the people. But brands with deep psyche into the minds of their audience coupled with innovative tactics created ripples in the social media sector lately.

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As part of the “Dove Campaign for Real Beauty”, the ad agency Ogilvy & Mather produced a short video inspired by market research that suggested only 4% of women describe themselves as beautiful. A criminal sketch artist was hired to draw the sketches of several women (whom he could not see) based on how they described themselves. He then created sketches of the same women as described by strangers who had met them briefly. When the sketches were compared, the ones formed with strangers’ opinions were shown to be invariably more flattering and accurate.

More than 15 million people downloaded the video within a week. On YouTube, the shorter 3-minute version was viewed 30.6 million times. It garnered 660,000 shares on Facebook during its first ten days.

Celebrating 100 years of the Oreo cookie, they launched the “Oreo Daily Twist”. One post every day (which concluded on February 3, 2013) celebrated current and historic events. The ads re-imagined pop culture through the eyes of Oreo and ad agency, 360i posted graphics celebrating the Mars Rover landing, Emmy Awards, 40 years of Ping Pong and more. Each post was extremely famous with the people who shared, commented and liked the relevant posts.

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Oreo saw a 280% increase in Facebook shares and 510% increase in re-tweets on Twitter. The content series garnered more than 1 million likes on Facebook – or 10,000 likes per post, on average. It also generated more than 230 million earned media impression.


Cadbury Dairy Milk #ShubhAarambh
India produced a viral social media campaign coinciding and leveraging the Indian Premier League this year. It was almost like a mini Super Bowl in the subcontinent, with Cadbury at the helm of it. All one had to do was, share Cadbury’s #ShubhAarambh related tweets on Twitter or share the same on your Facebook walls. The social reach and influence for each participant was measured on a daily basis, through the ‘Social Quotient’ score. The score factors your social sharing i.e. the number of times you share, and the number of people your message reaches out to. It also takes into consideration the quality of content you create, which was judged by a brand team after every match.



The highest ‘social quotient’ score at the end of the #ShubhAarambh league, will take home the Championship award. The campaign involves a micro site designed like a dashboard.


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