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As promised yesterday, here I am to help you answer another trickiest interview question: “How Would Your Boss or Co-worker Describe You”. No doubt, it seems quite awkward to talk about one’s own good things, well this is the reason why it’s the trickiest question. Anyways, you don’t have to directly start praising yourself, as there are other better ways to answer this.

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  1. Quote an instance

Refer an instance from may be a performance review or from an appreciation mail that would help you describe yourself. It would sound something like:

“Recently, while handling an important & delicate project, my manager wrote me a praising mail for taking initiation and handling hard matters efficiently. Due to my on-site work, sometimes I have to take instant decisions to fix things up, so I don’t believe in escalating problems, I rather focus upon finding the solutions, for which my boss always praises me.”


  1. Share the story and it’s takeaways

Take this question as a great opportunity to talk about issues that you wanted to bring in limelight. This is your chance to highlight your skills that would matter in this current job position.

“May be due to my in-depth institutional knowledge, lot of my colleagues turn up to me for getting a reference on how to handle a particular program or the event. I remember once a colleague, who was in deep confusion, thanked me and described me as logical, organized, and meticulous.

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  1. Talk about your positive traits

At the last moment if you fail to figure out any example then simply talk about your positive traits, but yes along with examples.

Here is one reference:

“I’m sure my colleagues would define me as a hard worker, as they always say that I turn stone upside down to meet my targets. Also, my boss always trust me and come up with different responsibilities to take care of, so I am sure he would define me as the one whom one can rely upon.”

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