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2015 is knocking on the door and most of us are busy planning celebrations for that big day of the year. There is love & merriment all around. The rudest person in the office may also be found smiling during this time of the year.

In some days, the curtains will be called out to welcome New Year 2015. However, there are some professionals who are still strategizing the trends that will rule next year and help their company and clients stay ahead.

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The advent, spread and inflation of New Media has empowered brands to be their own publishers. The importance of content development and marketing has multiplied manifold and there seems to be no stopping at all. This has made the life of professionals who delve in employer branding easy. The wide spread application of social CRM techniques and digital analysis provides detailed profile analysis of customers. One can easily trap their customers eating, travelling and other habits. Thus, brands can easily know what their customers want and provide them exactly the same thing without incurring extra costs. Curated content did wonders in 2014 and they will most likely take the Internet by storm in 2015 also. Then need and presence of robust user generated contextual content will increase in the coming year. In 2015, visual media will rule the roost. Brands will need to put in more effort and experiment with innovative videos. The videos should be original, engaging and posted on the right platforms and the dot. Due to visual media brands will not be able to ignore influencers. Every third person you know is an avid mobile user today. Brands, marketers and influencers are making strategies to shift to a mobile-environment.  Responsive design will be a must. Capsule content will have authority.

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