LinkedIn tips for job seekers

Job seekers are among the most confused people on the earth. They are often entangled with different “How To’s” before appearing in interviews. Some of the questions which keep troubling the job seekers are:

  • How to create resume better?
  • How to answer specific common questions?
  • How to dress?
  • How to talk?
  • How to maintain a positive body language?

There can be more other concerns often strike the mind of job seekers. But, there are certain aspects of contemporary job world which job seekers must know before putting efforts for traditional interview preparation. When we talk about a 360-degree approach to creating a solid candidature for a dream job, it’s recommended first to overhaul your social channels especially ‘LinkedIn.’

Job seekers with 1-2 years of experience or fresher are probably the majority of people with least efforts put on creating a professional profile on LinkedIn.

There are times when dream companies get to candidates through LinkedIn before job seekers find them. The point is – creating LinkedIn profile outstanding to appeal the employers immediately.

Subsequent points would help you know how to effectively create your LinkedIn profile.

1. Complete Profile

The first crucial step is to complete your profile. Providing complete information in your profile is important. The more the information, the better the possibilities for you to work with a dream company.

2. Custom URL

When your LinkedIn URL is crispier, you can easily remember it. In fact, the person whom you tell it about can also remember it easily. Customised URL would help you do the same. Ideally, your profile URL would look like this: Visit the ‘Public Profile’ page and click on ‘Edit public profile URL.’

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3. Profile Photo

If you are confused about choosing the best picture, you should take a look at people on LinkedIn matching your profile or sector. It would bring you a great help. Don’t go for a profile picture where you are with a group of people. Also, do not use a blurred and side-face image.

4. Headline

When you are looking for a job, your headline needs to be different than your company and job title. Fill it with information such as your passion, or speciality. It needs to be what sets you apart from others.

5. Summary Space

Preferably, keeping the summary to 3–5 short paragraphs is good enough with a bulleted section in the middle. It should focus on your unique qualifications, passions, work, and leading skills. Besides this information, you should put details of the various industries you’ve had been employed.

6. Numbers

You can take leverage by mentioning your achievements. Here, numbers are important. For example, a sentence such as: ‘I have worked with ten industries’ best film photographers.’ Vital stats would help you grab the attention of the viewer.

7. Creative Words

Recruiters are super aware of buzzwords that job seekers use. Words like strategic, creative, organisational, and innovative are used most of the times, and these are so monotonous for them. You need to be more creative when putting words in your complete profile.

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8. Using First Person

Using the first person in your resume is not a professional approach, but LinkedIn allows you enjoy the freedom of applying the first person while writing all about you. For example, I am an ardent practitioner of experimenting with different video angles.

9. Inter-conversational

Be the way you were not able to do with your resume. You are your words in the profile like you are inter-conversational with someone. Bring your personality to your profile. You are allowed to mention what you do besides work in the summary section. Let people know you better!

10. Multimedia

Graphics, images, and videos are the most dynamic multimedia to showcase work. LinkedIn allows you upload pictures, videos, and slideshow presentations which compliment your profile in a better way.

11. Recommendations

Word of mouth marketing is a great tool to promote anything. Recommendations always work for job seekers. When someone appreciate your work, ask him/her to write a few words on the recommendation section.

12. Status Updates

Updating your LinkedIn status keeps you in the race. Update it as often as you wish. Don’t put anything unprofessional here the way people usually do on Facebook. Try to post your articles or share some necessary professional information there.

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13. Groups

Groups on LinkedIn are immense resources to get noticed. Join groups of interests and relevant to your profile. You easily access the trending news and stay updated in your industry. It would bring a great exposure. Maybe you are being noticed for the information you share in the groups!

14. Connections

Build a fair amount of connections as it would give recruiters an idea about your social reach with professional people. You should have at least 50-100 connections as a starter. In personal life, if you are an introvert, forget it when you are on LinkedIn.

15. Show Enthusiasm

The most important part of any outstanding LinkedIn profile is to look enthusiastic. Make sure your LinkedIn profile shows your passion. Keep announcing about your recent achievements and work. Share interesting articles or news. You should connect with the leaders in your industry and subject-matter experts.

These suggested points would help you create a better LinkedIn profile and chosen from different sources such as Business Insider, True Story, LearnVest, etc. Hope you can create an improved profile now and easily reach to your dream job and company.

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