There are creative juices in each and every one of us. However, the type and quantity of each is different. But creative manifestations make us believe that some of the most creative people have these eccentric qualities present in them.

Here are some of them-

Creative people have a lot of energy in them, but at other times they are very quiet and at rest.
When they work they need their peace, but during a creative process they have ample energy boxes stored in them to wake anybody up.


Creative people are both smart and naive at the same time.
They are very smart when they are focused, but sometimes the focus is so narrow that the other aspects get blurred.


Creative people amalgamate playfulness and discipline.
They know how to have great fun and they know when the same fun needs to be translated into work. Although the creative people have a very carefree air around them, they are seen working late into the night persistently.


They have characteristics of both extroverts and introverts.
They are the ones who are sitting on the sidelines watching everybody at the same time they are in the middle of the dance stage. It all depends on the mood!

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They are rebellious yet conservative.
How often do you meet people who hold opposition beliefs and ways of living? The thinking process of creative people makes them a part of both the groups.


Creative people are passionate and objective
Passionate people only see their passion and work towards it. Creative people take that approach when they are working and once they are done with it, they take a review of the whole process in an objective fashion.


Creative people hate stereotypes
Anything that restricts the mind from thinking further or delving deeper is not likable for creative people. They like their freedom and want to keep it save and not be bounded by stereotypical notions about anything.


If you posses these qualities then you are definitely on your way to become one great creative person!

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