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Last week, we had shared 5 of the promised 10 life hacks to learn new skill, specially when you are busy, and today, here we are with the rest 5 to learn new skills. Before we talk about the next 5, let’s just quickly revise the list of first five, and those were:

1. Using Internet.

2. Utilizing the break hour

3. Sharing the lessons with colleagues

4. Making double benefit from gym

5. Weekend escape

and the rest are:


10 Daily hacks to learn a New Skill (Part-2)

6. Power of big screen: 

To watch online training course on a big screen is far more enjoyable than those trash TV program doing no good to you. So, become smart with the smart TV at your home.

7. Home Alone:

Have your kids gone out to play in the evening and your spouse has gone for a relaxing spa session? Be it any situation, if you get a chance to stay home alone, just seize the chance and dig into those educational material that you had collected but never brought into use.

8. Freshness At Park:

Professional trainings are not just meant for indoors. Reading a book or listening to a podcast while breathing the fresh air amidst the chirp of birds is a wholesome experience. Do give it a try.

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9. Holidaying Like a boss

You get to enhance your professional skill set while holidaying too. Yes, after all you’ll get so much of time at flight/ train or during free evenings at the hotel; so why not use it at the best.

10. Learn while you commute

Do you listen to radio while traveling to office or way back home? Why don’t you try to replace it to a podcast of a training lesson once a week. You’ll surely learn a new skill without even trying hard.

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