Selecting the best HR tools – Caution Ahead

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Working in the Human Resources department is not as easy as it might seem to outsiders. HR professionals have to answer to a lot of people, in case of any hiccup in the company’s workings everyone from the employees to the management turn as one to give the HR department a beady look. They are the platform between the management and the employees and hence they are held answerable for everything that might happen during office hours. Show them a little appreciation, with a thousand tasks to deal with, HR professionals are always swamped. But there are a few things that you can do that might make their lives a little easier.

HR requirements

  1. Show them a little love too

As soon as you face a problem, not a single moment is wasted to run and complain to the HR department. You are always ready and excited to receive rewards and recognition for a job well done, but how many of you went in to thank the HR department for it? They put in a lot of work, they are the ones who recognize your prowess, but they are seldom recognized for it. If you need to complain, you do, but when you need to shower a little gratitude, you vanish. The HR department is also full of employees like you, they might don the cloak of punishment at times, but that is what they are hired to do. They too would like a little recognition, the same as you. Go thank an HR professional today.

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  1. Sow the seeds of goodwill

If there are any disputes among the employees, or between employees and managers, it is again up to the HR department to help resolve it to ensure the smooth functioning of the company. Take a little responsibility, you all are working adults, act like it. If some conflict does arise, deal with it calmly and maturely. Don’t give the HR department cause to mother you like disobedient children.


  1. A little respect

Everyone likes being given their due amount of respect. For whatever reason there is, it has been seen in almost every company, that the HR department is denied its proper respect. To outsiders, the HR professionals are the big bad wolves who fire and reprimand people. They are only remembered if one month your salary is late, not when every other month it comes without a hitch. Remember that if they weren’t there to reprimand rule-breakers, the office would turn into a road-show, from ensuring that the organization functions smoothly to working on the proper workplace policies, the HR works really hard to create a company culture everyone feels comfortable in. A little respect towards them will not kill you. They are not pariahs, they are human too, and the least you can do is be friendly.


  1. No scrimping on the budget
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This tip is more for the managers to ponder upon. Sure budgeting is not easy, and it hurts you to have to do this, but have you ever seen marketing or IT heads having to beg for budget allotments? Nope. They get their allotments completely hassle free. It is the HR department that has to scrimp through the leftovers. How is that fair, a good HR department is rather important to any organization, the people who staff these aforementioned marketing and IT departments and then later try to ensure employee satisfaction deserve better than this. Of course you can’t become completely lavish, but do give it a thought. After all, HR is what makes the cogs turn.

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