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For some time now, we have been hearing about the death of blogging, but the truth is that while conversations may have moved to social media, blogs are still the place to go when you need detailed information. Blogs are also a great way to reach out to potential employers, and communicate your expertise in a subject.

So, while the “here is what I ate for dinner” blog may be on its way out, business blogs that carry valuable information are much sought after. This also works for small businesses, to convey their value to existing as well as potential customers.

Another good reason to write a business blog is that in the Indian context, there are simply too few of them. While there are many blogs focused on politics, social issues, fashion, food or travel, in-depth commentary on many business functions from an Indian perspective is lacking. If you have a flair for writing, and know enough about your industry, consider being ‘that expert blog’ in your field.

As for how to get started, the best way (as with all writing) is to start with what you know. What challenges have you addressed in your career? What are the common problems someone in your industry would face? If you are a student without much practical exposure yet, you could write about technological and other developments in your field, and showcase yourself as someone with a point of view, or at least, as someone thinking deeply about the way your industry is shaping up. Most companies would be glad to have someone like that.

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As with any endeavour, good blogging takes time and patience – it is not a one-time thing, but the rewards are many.

Convinced of why you need to be blogging? Go on and read about the 6 tips for creating a successful business blog, and add your own tips too!

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