We travel to countries far and wide, to see what lies beyond the subcontinent without comprehending the depth and vastness of our own land. A country that is more diverse than an entire continent put together, a country that boasts of a rich heritage and a great cultural past, a country where there are more castes and communities than in any other nation, a country full of beautiful people-India.

This World Tourism Day celebrate India with its least known travel destinations –


Aptly titled as the Venice of The East, as the whole town is built on canals. This market-town in the state of Kerala is very laid back; a perfect place to relax from the humdrum of the city. Filled with palm trees and boats, the town’s main economy thrives on toddy tapping and fish farming. The best time to visit is in August, when the town comes alive with a snake boat (chundan vellam) rowing competition, which is an absolute delight to watch.


The district town of Bolangir or Balangir in Orisaa, combines old-world charm with commercial complexity. The native beauty of the place is breathtaking, with its thick forest cover and shrines. The tradition of Odisha comes alive in this serene town.


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Southern India is filled with piety; one appropriate example is that of the spiritual town of Gokarna, which literally means cow’s ear. The place is a haunt for Hindu pilgrims and Sanskrit scholars along with adventurers who love to go cliff-diving. A famed site is the “Om Beach” which is shaped like ‘Om’ the Hindu spiritual symbol.


A history enthusiast’s delight, this small town in Uttar Pradesh is one of the principal centers of the Buddhist pilgrimage. It’s the place where Lord Buddha left his corporeal self and attained Maharparinivana. The monuments of Kushinagar are clustered in three distinct groups comprising the main site at the Nirvana Temple, the central Stupa and surrounding monasteries, the Mathakuar Kot  and the Ramabhar Stupa.


For those who love the hills and want to have a respite from the drudgery of city life, Mirik is your travel destination. The small hill station is located on the outskirts of Darjeeling; it’s a secluded town away from the malls of Darjeeling. The place also provides an amazing view of Mount Kanchenjunga.


An ancient site in the state of West Bengal, Badami or Vatapi as it was then known is famous for its rock-cut cave temples, built by the skillful temple builders of the Chalukya dynasty. They were so secular in their approach that the temples of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and the Jain Tirthankaras are located on the same place. These mystical temples are known for their symbolic carvings and huge rock structures. The architectural brilliance is truly fantastic.

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Happy World Tourism Day!

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