The first two workplace woes concerned the life of a fussy employee and the life of a sick employee. This one delves into the life of a self-effacing employee who is reluctant and hesitant of most things in the office.

While it is true that the world loves extroverts, the introverts seem to have a tough time keeping up with other employees chattering away to glory. The lives of shy employees can be tougher than we suspect-


Yes! Yes! Yes!
The introverts of the workplace end up agreeing to anything and everything that is said to them; be it a sentence, a question or an exclamation. Their lack of communication skills makes them say the easiest amicable word to everyone from the boss to the colleague, thus making themselves available for all kinds of overwork and menial jobs.

You want some coffee?

You are not efficient at work!!
Yes. *nod nod*

Hey! Can you please do this for me?


Speech is silver, silence is golden
These guys are great listeners! They love to listen to the woes of other employees while they remain mum about their own. They love to provide a comforting shoulder to cry on, but never ask for one when they need it. They look for people to understand them before they say something, but the workplace is usually filled with people who are more vocal about their demands and expect everybody else to be the same.

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Concoct Confidence
This category of people are more vulnerable to depression and stress and than most other people because of lack of sharing and expressing. The confidence takes a blow under such circumstances. Although, they know their problem they wouldn’t tackle it head on, they need extensive motivation to face it and discover the lost confidence. The shy employees of the workplace often fall in this pit and find it hard to get up without support.


Individual Workers
The lack of verbal abilities makes these creatures work in their own bubble interacting with very few or none of their coworkers. These people find it hard to work in a team. They like their neat little work space to themselves and dislike distractions by other employees. You just wouldn’t know when the introverts entered office, did their work and left office without uttering a single word to anyone.

More or less, the woes of the shy employee are much of their own than being directly related to the workplace and when they realize that, the workplace will start becoming much happier place for them.

Introverts are awesome despite all their woes!
Are you one of them?

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