The workplace woes are dedicated to one specific kind of employee with a set of characteristics innate to them. Last time, it was about life of a fusspot at the workplace. This time we bring the anguish of a sick employee.

You hardly see them. Their work desk is full of brightly-colored strips of paper, pasted all over to remind them of deadlines. A larger than the other paper strips prominently stuck on their system says, ‘On Sick Leave’. Scientifically speaking, their immune system is very sensitive to a change in anything- weather, food, air-conditioners, chair, computer etc.



Even if they aren’t present in office every day; they have their set of woes-

Fiddle and Twiddle
The sickos are irked by people fiddling with their stuff when they are coping up with cold. The other employees are of the view that the sick person would never turn up and his/her things are the property of anybody who needs it. So, when the recuperated bodies finally set their foot in office they find multiple pens, pins, files and other office paraphernalia missing. It’s hard for them to endure!

Deadly Deadlines
Sick or not everyone needs to adhere to deadlines. It’s more difficult for these low-on-breadth people, because they are perpetually shifting their working space from home to office due to their health issues. The lack of communication, with colleagues and bosses proves to be more detrimental than their waning health.

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New Waves
The times when sick employees attend office from morning till evening they find themselves in a new-found surroundings. They spent the day getting accustomed to the new faces, furniture, food and other trivial things. They are out for so long sometimes, that the entire office goes through overhauling behind them. Thus, they come back to find strangeness around them.

Friend Deficit
Seldom they come to office, seldom they make bonds. Without a friend or two at the workplace it gets difficult to get by. The rare visits at the office are so bland without any people to chat with, that they fall back into fever too soon! Making new pals is out of question because they are loaded with work. Such is life!

Do you have a story of an ailing employee or are you one of them? Tell us.



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