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Workforce Productivity

Suffering from Monday morning blues is something obvious and a universal phenomenon. Millions across the globe suffer from Monday blues and struggle a lot to get over it. Psychologists explain the concept of Monday morning blues as a set of negative motions, that many people get at the beginning of the week. They often experience mixed feelings involving sadness, depression and a sense that work is unpleasant, yet unavoidable. This kind of a feeling often leads to reduced workplace productivity.

The concept of Monday Blues is so prevalent, that it has become a global cultural phenomenon. And they can be much more than simply passing tiredness. They can often be serious warning signs that something is really not right with you at your workplace or your life that is hampering your workplace productivity.

Studies have often revealed that Monday blues tend to have a negative impact on employee productivity in the long run, if not taken care of at the very beginning. So, what are the best ways to beat Monday morning blues? What are the steps you should take to boost productivity at work?

Here’s a look:

#1. Keep Fridays absolutely clean cut!

Not everyone enjoys carrying work home on weekends. However, we often fail to do so and leave some small office tasks to be completed over the weekend. Bad decision! Always try to wind up all pending work (unless and until it’s really necessary) by Friday evening at work itself so that you look towards a relaxing weekend.

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#2. Sunday soirees and enjoying sun down

The usual plan for a weekend is to party hard or remain engaged throughout Friday night and entire Saturday and tend to opt for spending the entire Sunday at home relaxing and thinking this would help us store energy for the whole week. Well, this is ideally not the case. Rather, if we spend the Sunday in a light happy manner by catching up with friends, or going for a dinner with family – it can induce happy emotions. And this will help in curbing down Monday blues to a great extent ensuring workplace productivity throughout the week.

#3. Dress up to kill the Monday blues

You spent the Sunday in your summer dress or pyjamas with the wind caressing your tresses as you basked in your own lethargic ways. But Mondays bring along with you a wake-up call. So, why not take it on a positive note and make the adrenalin work for you. Power dress up for work on Mondays.

Studies have revealed that when you dress up smartly, it boosts your confidence considerably and makes you feel good about yourself. And when you feel good and confident about yourself, you are less likely to suffer from Monday blues.

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#4. Keep Monday work schedule light and try to be happy at work

The first thing you do in office on a Monday morning is to greet your colleagues with a smiling face. Make an effort and wish ‘good morning’ genuinely from the heart. This will enable to beat Monday blues. Secondly, keep you Monday schedule a little light so that you gradually get into the mode to work and gear up for the rest of the week. Also try to have fun; for example, catch up with colleagues over a cup of coffee in the evenings.

On a final note, it can be said that in order to ensure workplace productivity round the week, start your Monday with attitude of gratitude idea. This will help you change your perspective towards about work and you will be able to ensure workplace productivity. Instead of complaining, express gratitude that you have something to look forward to through the week and this will surely help you in beating your Monday Morning Blues and thus boost your productivity.

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