Chottu, the little fellow armed with a kettle in one hand and glasses in the other, starts his day from the lowest floor of an office complex distributing tea. Happy with life, he has a sheepish grin on his face. He pours the contents of the kettle in the glasses whistling or singing popular Bollywood numbers. He is a part of every office’s daily routine and most people don’t pay attention to him.


You wouldn’t believe what all he can teach you, for here is a list of it-

Time pe Tea
Let’s face it- Our day does not start without his ‘especial chai’. Day after day, he swishes by on the same time to provide us with our daily potion of goodness, so that we are rejuvenated and ready to work. Not a minute here or a minute there, he keeps his promise of bringing tea at the same time. Be it in the morning or after lunch.

Lesson 1: Be punctual.


Cheeni kam, patti zyada
It’s insane to believe, but the boy knows every person’s likes and dislikes by heart. Going by the numbers that makes it on an average, 500 people to remember! He does it with the finesse of a stalwart. Some like it sugary, others like it with less milk. Some have a thing for sharp ginger tea, others like a subtle tea experience. He keeps it all in mind!

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Lesson 2: Be flexible.



Madam, biscuit?
He knows how to tickle your weak bone. Now, who can say no to biscuits with chai? He offers them daily, no matter you buy them or not. He never misses an opportunity to ask! While some might not like the appeal of biscuits with tea that does not in any way, deter his enthusiasm to know if they fancy something else with their tea.

Lesson 3: Be curious.


Coffee bad. Tea good.
Life’s a race and you got to do everything to remain on top to survive. The lad has mastered the art of driving away competition. He knows his loyal customers and he knows his competitor’s customers. You would see him going to the latter more frequently to market his tea with that effervescent glow in his eyes.

Lesson 4: Be competitive



For some of us, his chai is no less than what marijuana is to the druggy. He is so well-recognized in each office that whenever he is absent, you feel something missing in your daily routine. You wouldn’t be able to point out the missing piece until the next day, when Chottu would come by your desk with the same shabby face and glinting eyes.


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