At a time when money goes beyond a basic need, to be tagged as a desire, working for free might not sound like an option at all. The cash has always been a push factor, motivating you at every step to work harder. It all started with your aspiration to be a doctor or an engineer or a Chartered Accountant for that matter.



Agreed that, till the age of eight you really didn’t know why you wanted to be something and your choice was based purely on what you thought your role in the future would be. Funny that some of you wanted to be Batman. But now that you know that Batman works for free, would you like to be the superhero still? Maybe at times you’d love to be the iconic character. Jokes apart, CareerBuilder India brings you some solid reasons in support of the idea of working for free, at times.

1. You Get to Do What You Really Like: In case you can’t find a regular job that suits your taste, how about taking up something that you like, on a small scale? You shouldn’t think twice in case you are planning to work for free, for a brand. For example, if you are really interested in doing a research based job for a Marketing firm; however, they aren’t willing to take freshers on board, offer them your work for free.

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2. You Get to Know More People: This point goes out particularly to the writers. There might be a time in your career that cannot be defined by a word better than struggle. Now, it’s totally up to you to swim across the bad times, or to sit their bitching about how bad life can get. Those who understand writing as a career will also agree that sometimes working for free can win you a lot many helping hands in the industry. If you write a blog or a PR for someone for free, your connections will make sure that you are soon on the path to a good pay.

3. You Learn New Skills: Monotony is something that we all complain of, at one time or the other. However, we forget that for the sake of variety, we must not only assume responsibility but learning too. Imagine that you are currently working as an accountant who wishes to work with the latest accounting software; however, your current organization offers no cope for new learning. In this case, working and learning for free for someone who is willing to train you, is a good option.

4. You Manage Your Own Work: To put it simple, you can get to be the hero of your own work for some time. You don’t have to worry about the feedback or workload. You can work at your own pace as per your own requirement. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it?

It’s a time when people start earning in their teenage. You’ll often see 16-year-olds working at the reception, in a fast-food outlet, or volunteering for a cause. Not all of them work for a pay. Some are making an effort to create an impressive resume.

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