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The recruiting market is getting hotter with every passing day, and social recruiting is one of the fastest growing trends. It would not be wrong to say, if you are not smartly merging the social media into your recruiting efforts at this point, you are not recruiting on par with the industry criteria. The irony is organisations are exposed to a plethora of social recruiting software. Still, they are failed to implement it efficiently in their recruitment and selection process due to multiple reasons. It could be the budget, too many options, still waiting for right tool or any other excuse.

Here, ignorance is NOT a bliss but a threat!

When Human Resource fails to conform to evolving trends, it puts their organisation on the verge of losing best available talent.

The good news is recruiters can use several social apps not just to source the active candidates but to engage passive candidates efficiently.

There is no deny that social recruiting is critical to success today. The advent of disruptive technologies gave birth to the whole barrage of exciting tools including social recruiting software. Whether we talk about LinkedIn Apps or Social Referral, both proven effective solution in creating a talent pipeline and reducing the recruiting cost.

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If you are still in “thought process” of implementing the social media in your recruitment strategy, then you should carefully evaluate following whys and wherefores of social recruiting.

Here are 4 reasons social media is now a recruiting must

social recruitment software
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1. It is a part of the cultural shift

In every organisation, recruiting success is not measured by some jobs filled, but by who and how quickly it is filled. Now, we know the critical driver of talent is “Purpose”.  The emerging mobile technology and “going digital” is creating the cultural shift the way recruiting was done.

Social profiling is not limited to companies only; now it is extensively used by candidates to assess the brand and company culture. If your organisation do not have the active social presence yet, certainly it will let you lose the best talent to your competition.

2. It is the best way to reach the active & passive job seekers

An enormous percentage of millennials and a younger generation is found on social media channels including, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

You need to leverage this free access to biggest candidate pool to build your talent base.

In one of the study, it is mentioned, “posting a job opening on social media increases the candidate applications by between 30 percent and 50 percent”.

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3. Anticipate more competitive and an ever-tightening drive for candidates in 2017

In most of the candidate engagement surveys, it is revealed that with every passing year, “sourcing, engaging and retaining best talent is becoming difficult”. Hence, the best way to stay ahead of the competition is social media. A good percentage of recruiters planned to invest more in social recruiting software.

4. Transparency goes both ways

The online reputation of a candidate is as important as employer’s online presence. Recruiters like to go beyond the resume and scan the social profile of the applicants to identify the best cultural fit for their organisation.

A significant percentage of recruiters accepts that they reconsidered the hires based what they found on their social profile. It helps them to avoid possible hiring failures.

Social recruiting has changed the game. Social is an essential tool for building brands, creating relationships, sourcing candidates, vetting applicants and promoting and posting jobs. Business leaders know it is the future and they are investing their money and time in best available social recruiting software and apps.

Now it is your call because the talent is not going to wait.

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