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In the present times, the domain of recruitment has undergone tremendous changes especially with the advent of disruptive technologies. Since technology forayed in, software like Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has begun to be implemented by employers all over.

There are extensive benefits of implementing or integrating an ATS in your recruitment process. While some recruiters are still divided in, opinions about the use of ATS – such as some believe that applicant tracking systems are not the best as they often end up being biased while some recruiters simply cannot do without an ATS.

Whatever be the differences of opinions, the main point is, in today’s time having an ATS is almost mandatory for any organization. There are sufficient reasons as to why your company needs applicant tracking system. The following paragraphs take a quick look at what all an ATS can do:

#1. Reduce the burden on HR department

One of the first and the biggest benefits of implementing an ATS is it ends up reducing the burden on the HR department to a considerable extent. The software simplifies the process of applicant tracking and eventually the overall process of recruitment.

Because applicant tracking systems use keywords for the process, it helps in parsing a resume efficiently than the human eye. Enabled by technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence ATS do their work smoothly and smartly than the humans can.

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#2. Streamline the application process

The next major reason why an organization needs ATS is it helps in streamlining the overall application process. Apparently, the recruitment process often ends up being a tedious one. It is here that the presence of an ATS is felt as it enables in streamlining the overall application process considerably. Right from the tedious paper work to background checks and other aspects of a candidate recruitment is taken care of with the implementation of applicant tracking software.

#3. Applicant tracking systems save time and money

Once recruiters get past the learning curve, they get to see how much time of theirs has been saved owing to the implementation of an ATS. From automated social sharing to managing proper email templates, and sometimes even delegating tasks – an ATS reduces the burden of the HR person to a considerable extent.

Not to mention the number of unqualified resumes that you will never have to glance through. An ATS can also automate social recruitment that recruiters say can reduce the time of hiring by as much as 20 per cent.

On the other hand, implementation of an ATS also ensures that recruiters or employers end up saving a lot of money. When you get to combine all that you are paying for job boards and job agencies, you will find that an ATS can turn out to be far cheaper; and this is true even for smaller companies.

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#4. Improve quality of hires

With its ability to parse through the best of the resumes from piles of it, recruiters end up improving your quality of hires to a considerable extent. Since an ATS is technologically empowered, it will scan through only the relevant resumes that are suitable for your organization. This way, gradually you will end up boosting the quality of hires that you make with the passage of time.

#5. Improved candidate experience

Offering a good candidate experience is highly essential in today’s time where job seekers have a lot of options. ATS enable automated communications to applicants thereby enhancing the process of candidate experience. The better candidate experience you offer as an employer, the better it is for you regarding talent acquisition.

From the above-given information, it can be deduced that there are ample reasons as to why your organization needs to implement and integrate an applicant tracking system. So, what are you waiting for? If you are yet to take the plunge, only go ahead and do it.

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