What Recruiters Do Not "Want" On Your LinkedIn Profile?

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LinkedIn is the new destination where head hunters are eyeing upon to source a talent pool and bring the creamy layer of talent on board. So, if job seekers aren’t there or fail to impress the recruiters, than the chances of getting an interview call falls to a great extent; hope you are well aware of this. However, for your knowledge, in case you are not paying attention and believe that you have presence on LinkedIn and that is sufficient then you are mistaken.

What Recruiters Do Not "Want" On Your LinkedIn Profile?
What Recruiters Do Not “Want” On Your LinkedIn Profile?

Your LinkedIn profile has to be updated, and the aspects mentioned in this blog will help you ensure that it is as recruiters expect to be.

  • Editing past role descriptions: Like you keep your resume updated, your LinkedIn profile too must be always updated; after all it is your 24*7 available online resume. Revise your past role descriptions in your profiles and make sure that you have updated every info. One aspect you need to take care of is editing past description while adding a new one. For instance, you write the current activities in present tense, but once you complete, you have to edit it to the past tense. Recruiters often get confused because of the past-present tense usage in the descriptions.
  • Re-arranged endorsements: Skills & Endorsements section speaks for your talent and abilities. Though others endorse you, but you have an option for arranging your skills that would value more for the job you are applying for. Recruiters have no interest in knowing the obvious skills, they are interested in knowing what makes you stand over other candidates.
  • Not neglecting ‘Education’ section: Education is another important section recruiters get to know about your qualifications. So, in order to tell them what all courses you have studied or what all extra classes you have taken people generally throws in even the minutest details. But that’s a gaffe; recruiter’s just love whatever is relevant, they do not need any irrelevant information. And I hope you know recruiters love to scan instead of going through every word.
  • Removing unprofessional profile pictures: LinkedIn profile pictures are not about selfies or ‘cute poses’; it’s about decent pictures in high resolution. It is the first thing that people see and make impression about you, so it must not ruin your image. Ideally, have a decent close up in the plain background or inside office (at your workstation).
  • Never ending job descriptions: Edit your job description on LinkedIn profile if it is in a never ending paragraph. You will get a better score for simplifying recruiter’s life by not giving me too much data to scan. Mentioning your JD in bullet (like you do in resume) is always the best option.
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With these editing in your LinkedIn profiles, you will surely attract a recruiter and would not annoy him while he will be scanning through your profile and thinking of having a personal interview with you.

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