One of the significant changes to have occurred in the last decade in India is the rising level of ambition among women, especially in urban India. Many women are now no longer looking for just a job or an income, but also from a more long term perspective, at a career that fulfills their ambitions and needs. 2013 was therefore the right time to kickstart the Women’s Web – CareerBuilder India study on the Career Aspirations of Young Women in India.

Conducted online, the study provided useful insight into the nature of young women’s career goals today, and how they are working towards achieving those goals.

These were some of the key findings from the study:

1. Clarity on career goals
Young Indian women in this age group are fairly clear on their choice of career. 55% had ‘identified certain career options’ while 35% agreed to ‘I know exactly what I want to do’, leaving only a small number undecided.

2. How career-oriented are Indian women?
Career is no longer a second priority, nor are women shy about admitting to ambition. 7 out of 10 women (70%) of women believed themselves to be highly or extremely career oriented.

3. What influences choice of job?

In order, Career growth opportunities, Liking for the job role and Office environment were the top 3 factors chosen by most respondents as influencing their potential choice of job. This was followed by Salary and Work-life balance.

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4. How to find a job
Personal networking was seen as the top method to finding a job (82.95%) followed by online applications through company websites (70.54%), campus recruitment (51.94%) and online job boards (37.98%).

5. Marriage and career
Traditionally, women in India are expected to cut down on work and reduce their focus on a career after getting married. What do young women today feel? While 64% of young women surveyed had plans to get married, 13% did not plan to and 23% were undecided. Interestingly, when asked about the potential impact of marriage on their careers, 60% agreed or strongly agreed that marriage would not slow down their career progress.

Additional insights as well as the entire report are available at Young Women in India: Building Careers

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