What Distinguishes The Best Employer from The Rest

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American Express offers ‘smart savings’ program, Godrej provides ‘maternity policy for 6 months’, Flipkart offers ‘adoption policy’ benefits to its employees. When we hear about the great workplaces, we do tend to focus on the benefits given to those employees by their employers. This is true but perks and benefits are only one side of the coin. A successful workplace is created with the employer who believes in making his workplace successful and himself a successful entrepreneur.

However, creating, as well as, maintaining a successful work culture requires a long-term view, consistent efforts which conflict with short-term losses and an unshakable policy of commitment to its employees, as well as, clients. Countless studies prove that employers with an engaged workforce witness a higher financial output.

A Dive into the Best Employers of India- Why these are at the top?

Google, Gurgaon- India

At Google, every employee is a boss of his/her work career. Employees at this organization manage their careers with the support of their respective managers who provide them with this flexibility to work. Moreover, the organization does not fail to retain and motivate its employees by facilitating them with a work from home option, part-time work option and a time off as and when required by the employee.

In a wonderful environment offered by Google, employees feel pride while enjoying games such as table tennis, air hockey, football and workout facilities with special trainers, which make them feel all the way more charged-up for work. Besides women’s initiatives, and fitness programs, one of the most prominent programs offered by Google India is its annual day where it calls the children of ‘parent employees’ as guests and organize interesting activities for them.

Marriott – Mussoorie, Uttarakhand- India

Marriott- the hotel chain nestled in the pristine hills of Uttarakhand and known to even the ‘not-so travel and food enthusiasts has made its entry into the top employers by taking differentiated initiatives. The hospitality organization, in the effort to procure local talent in the hilly region actually earned 65% workforce from and the surrounding areas of Mussoorie.

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Marriott has not missed a single year in creating a workplace where its workforce feels empowered in every way possible. The hotel welcomes and greets every new employee like a 10 year old one and provides freedom to employees for taking their decisions. For instance, even if the waiter at Marriott encounters a difficulty in pleasing the customer with his meal, he is free to make the particular or any meal complimentary for guests.  This amazing attitude of the hotel has made the headlines by making the organization amongst the top 10 employers across the nation.


Decades have unfold how Coca-Cola has outperformed at a tremendous pace. The large-sized organization has successfully invested in its employees, every now and then making itself the top brand for beverage enthusiasts. By placing women employees at key positons including HR managers, Directors and Presidents across India, Coca-Cola has left a benchmark in establishing a consistent position in the Food & Beverage Industry by launching programs for its employees that are valued all across the world.

Two of the most exclusive Programs by Coca-Cola include:

PEGASUS: This is a 7 month program, aims at training and preparing managers for leadership. The program comes with personalized training sessions, academic learnings and comprehensive feedback.

CHRYSALIS: This is a 5 month program designed to boost and groom the junior to mid-level employees of the organization. The program comes with assessment sessions, leadership sessions and comprehensive feedback.

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How do these organizations have achieved a long-term sustainability? How have these been able to make an effective use of their resources (including talent)? To address these questions, we have answered what makes a great employer stand apart from the rest in the briefest possible way. 

What Distinguishes The Best Employer from The Rest

What it takes being a great employer?

Interestingly, the characteristics of best employers are consistent in every condition, whatever it may be. This does not mean, they are not ready to amend. Rather, they believe in modifying their strategies not the long-term goals.

Presently, with the challenging economy, most employees have begun to survive in any and every kind of working environment. This does not mean, employees do not hop jobs, rather they are focused on being marketable whether they work with the same organization or another. However, the maximum part of employees still want to work with organizations.

Uncovered are the top 3 areas where the best employers are differentiated from the rest:

1. Persistent implementation of programs

Great employers are tend to be more focused in revamping or refining their human capital programs whenever required. This further enables them to create an organizational momentum, which is vital for delivering effective results.

2. Steadiness in endowing managers

Great or best employers put a deliberate effort in the direction of empowering managers in the organization. They provide managers a list of guidelines to be followed and take assurance from them.  Further, the managers are made better equipped to perform their diverse roles and get the results delivered as expected out of them.

3. Power in the HR functions

“If they can’t employ, they are not an effective HR.” HR is the face of any organization and best employers ensure that they are able to deliver powerful or efficient HR functions with the availability of fewer resources. Where in small-sized organizations, the CEO’s only hire HR managers to further perform their HR roles, in large-sized organizations, the employers decide off the parameters, strategies, as well, as, solutions, which are strictly followed by the HR as to meet the business requirements. They train the HR managers to perform their powerfully so as to ensure the end result is fruitful for the business and there is a consistent efficiency in the HR teams.

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The best employers are not affected by the size of their organization, but by the efficiency in their teams and emphasize on bringing out the best in them with a constant determination and commitment. Their vigorous efforts in making employees happy ensure that the common organizational goals are achieved in a harmonious and motivated manner. For the best employers, economic difficulties do not hamper their employees’ strength, rather maintaining a positive relationship with employees by retaining them even in the difficult times is their ideal way to overcome the challenges and remain victorious. They take challenges as opportunities to renew their strategies in delivering results, which are more customer oriented. This adds a sense of loyalty that helps the existing employees to endure the worst times of the organization they are working with.

For the new or existing entrepreneurs, being the best employer in your industry is a marathon. Recognizing your strengths, value of your employees and sustaining a long-term, focused plan is the gateway to a lasting success.

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