You wonder day in and day out – what is it in your colleague that got him a bigger, better appraisal than you. You turn green with envy when your neighbor drives a brand new Audi to his garage.

What is it that in these people that helps them turn powerful, successful, but most importantly in control – Ever wondered? While you may be blaming your stars for the challenges you face in life, the one who is walking towards the pinnacle of success might be busy charting out a course of action to spend his time in a way that each day takes him closer to triumph.


Weekends for them, however, are an altogether different story. You might be fooled into thinking that the power performers spend their Sundays munching on every piece of extra work that they can find in the work-jar and hunting for connections. But that’s just what your part of story is. In fact, those energizer bunnies, on a rush throughout the week, spend a weekend in a way you can never imagine.
CareerBuilder India brings you an insight on five things that successful people do on weekends, to help you follow the footsteps:

1. Disconnect: So you think that being an HR personnel, your buddy is 24*7 taking phone calls and checking e-mails. You don’t think he really has a life. However, you hate him for being extremely popular and respected. What would weekends for him mean? You guess, they’d not be weekends, in the first place. You’re wrong. His weekends are disconnected and aloof, being spent in a mood to relax, keep quiet, and meditate.

2. Relax: It’s time for some joy. So they’ll try their hand at cooking, dig up some vegetables, go swimming, or spend some time catching up with family and friends. That’s the idea of relaxation for those who are willing to slog hard throughout the week. You might find that a little difficult to digest, but yes, weekends are a time to indulge for those with a high achievement quotient.

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3. Exercise: They have a whole lot of burden to carry, thus, they need to keep their shoulders strong and back straight. They’d better be up and running to keep fit and fine to take every challenge by its horns. Or, go for a little jig to let the stress dissipate.

4. Volunteer: It may seem like a cliché, but every powerful, successful spirit believes in some voluntary work. While there could be any reason behind the act, whether it is emotional, spiritual, personal or entirely professional – the point is that no one is complaining!

5. Meditate: Up for yoga anyone? You’ll find many yoga lovers among those who work on strategic positions and in the Marketing arena. Weekends are the perfect time for them to unwind. Meditation is therefore, the perfect way to do nothing. Moreover, it aids in building a better concentration for the days that lie ahead.

News.com.au quoted a number of CEOs on how they spend their weekends. Catriona Noble, CEO of McDonald’s Australia, believes, “spending time with friends and family, and discussing all kinds of perspectives really helps give insights that assist with understanding and relating to employees and customers.” She adds, “My relationships with family and friends are what’s really important in life and help me keep perspective on work issues and challenges.”

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