Cool Ways to Make Your Workplace Productive for Employees

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In the ancient era, every workplace had a similar resemblance. During 1990s, the kind of furniture used at offices was as standard as the uniform of the working employees. Indeed, this sign of conformity was respected at that time, every office setup looked very serious despite the industry it was into.

All this undergone a transition when computers took over. Where every task was carried out manually, the use of computers changed the way employees began to work. This brought the corporate desks and ergonomic furniture over a period of time in the life of working professionals.

Design of a workplace makes a great difference in how people think, create and innovate. Have you observed how Google manages to retain its workforce with its splendid office design? How smart companies such as Lifestyle India reinforce their culture by offering a creative workplace?

Some of the present day workplaces are designed to ignite creativity, innovation and employee productivity. With innovative office décor trends, CareerBuilder shares some of the most successful ideas to make your workplace more productive.

Cool Ways to Make Your Workplace Productive for Employees

  • Bring Nature to Office

Often offices are created with a setup that involves too much of LED lights. This adds strain on the eyes and disallows an individual to concentrate, type or work conveniently. Too much of everything is bad and the saying goes same for LED lights. Bringing natural light in the work area on the contrary can add more life to the workplace. While, designing the layout of your workspace, keeping this factor in mind is important to ensure your employees do not feel claustrophobic within the unnatural lightings. Allow space for windows, trendy blinds, a few creative artifacts, and artificial plants to accentuate the beauty of your workplace. People are always attracted to nature and bringing it to your workplace is an excellent way to keep the mood, mind and spirit of your employees elevated.

  • Bring Some Music
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While, in serious industries such as IT, professionals are bound to work dedicatedly without lacking focus. Adding some inspiring music in the background can bring out the innovation they have never must-have thought before. Music is known to be the greatest stress buster. Stress emerging from work pressure, colleague conflict, disharmony, personal issues all can subside once you bring music to the ears of your working professionals. The only advice is to choose the right form of music. After all, all that you desire is higher productivity, which can only be generated if employees are stress free, motivated and unstoppable with their creativity.

  • Invest in Comfort

Comfort is found where the employees are made to work. Furniture is often the most overlooked aspect when it comes to making a productive workplace. A tweaking chair, an elevated desk, computers instead of laptops, all these can add to discomfort while working in the office for 9 hours. Investing in ergonomic furniture means spending money on the comfort of those who work with you. Ergonomic chairs and desks not just ensure employee productivity, but also good health, less absenteeism, lower attrition and greater results.

Realize that employees invest the maximum part of their day working at their offices. Employers who are seeking out best talent, must not only work towards hiring the best candidates but also working out the best for those already working with them by making the workplace more encouraging. Even the applicants coming for the interview are watching your workplace, the way employees are working, the benefits your employees are enjoying and so on. It all comes with the brand. Make the best use of your workplace and let the creative juices & employee productivity flowing.

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