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According to 2013 Gallup study, “Employees who have friends at their workplace happen to be 50% more satisfied and productive.”

We already know that having ‘no friends’ at workplace can make you feel dull and inactive after a point of time.  Psychologist Ron Friedman in his book ‘The Best Place to Work’ explains the three core ingredients required for having a good friendship at work – similarity, familiarity, and physical immediacy.

Becoming friends at workplace is a matter of self-exposure. In a challenging work environment, where employees are often found to be competing with each other, there are some secrets that can ensure employee productivity without much hard work.

How to increase Employee Productivity?

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1. Start with Non-Work Conversations

According to a research on employee engagement, the more employees indulge in non-work conversations, the more are there chances to become friends with each other. Instead of buzzing about your boss or the stress of an unachievable target, consider starting conversations like what you will be doing on the coming weekend, or may be your latest hobby.

2. Identify your Common Struggle Areas

It is advisable to look for collaborative projects where you can assist or work together with your colleagues. When you both share the same projects, assisting and collaborating with each other to get the work done is an indirect, yet wise way to foster a friendship at workplace. Sometimes, simply contributing rather competing opens up multiple doors of friendship.

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3. Throw a Good Laugh Conversation

Not everyone is a mimic or comedian at workplace. However, showing the positive side of yours which could add a gig or simply a smile on faces is an achievement in itself. When we are building friendships with colleagues, ensure you do not pass a negative statement about anyone and people only remember you for those good laughs they enjoy with you.

4. Don’t Run After

People are mostly busy and do not have time to go deep down the hearts of their colleagues. Getting too close within a day is too much of a forced friendship for someone. Give some time to yourself to open up and let colleagues gradually close to you over a period of time.

 5. Dine & Wine Outside Office

This does not mean to just eat, have some drinks and go home. You can even go on a coffee to know more about the person whom want to become friends with. If he is in your team, you can talk about his or her previous experiences, family background, personal interests and so on to identify whether the friendship can go a long way with that person in personal.

6. Evaluate the Friendship

Sometimes you do not realize that you are knocking the wrong door. Despite you being honest in your endeavor to build a friendship, someone else may perceive a wrong notion about you and attempt to take disadvantage through the friendship. At this juncture, it is highly essential to contact the right people. For this, you can always first observe people from the way they work, communicate around and behavioral instances.

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 Do not blend work relationship with friendship. Making friends at workplace can be an enjoyable journey if you do not bring your work authority, expectations and competition as a difference. We meet a lot of people at our workplace, neither all are either worthy laughing with nor all deserve to be skeptical upon. Maintaining a balanced approach to evaluate your colleagues and creating a friendship is an ideal way to ensure the enthusiasm, creativity and productivity you desire at work.

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