The language that the body speaks does a lot for you before you start talking. Being mindful of your body language is the first step of influencing success rather that just grabbing it. Here are some guidelines to know what works and what does not to make that perfect blend of success!


Spell Power
Studies have shown that filling more space with your body boosts your confidence like no other. Acquiring a pose which helps you fill maximum space sitting or standing without looking too awkward becomes your power pose. Example- standing with feet apart and hands of your hips is a power pose of ambitious and enterprising people.

To make a great impression, the ‘star-pose’ is the finest; it means keeping your legs and hands apart and talking. This would help you gain appreciative glances, whereas walking nervously or sitting stiffly is sure to land you in some unforeseen negative situation.


Hand-held Devices
Hand-held devices constrict body movement and hold back a lot of your expressive capabilities. A laptop or a desktop is much better when communicating from a device than a phone or a tablet. Cramped touch screens make you lose patience and work inefficiently. They also make you lose focus in a meeting or presentation as you need to readjust your senses to the small screen.


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Expressions on The Face
Some people feel that smiling more than usual increases positivity around them and thus boosts confidence, for some speaking in low tone makes them powerful. After completing these easy steps, some people start to feel happy and cheerful.
A perpetual frown on your face disturbs your surroundings in a negative manner; your expressions dictate people’s perceptions about you. If you’ve had a bad time commuting to your office your expressions would say so and it is always better to reset them before you land into an important meeting.


Meaningful gestures when you speak can help enhance your performance. More times than not, people take them to be behavioral quirks when they are simply usable gestures which are used to elucidate and take people in the world of what you are talking about. Moreover, gesturing aids your thought process and frees your cognitive memory as the visual representation of thoughts explains everything.

Although unnecessary gestures out of habit should be avoided at all times as they nothing but unnecessary distraction from what you are speaking.

If you have some useful insight on body language, kindly share with us!

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