It is hot and sultry weather and you are too lazy to leave your home to head for a job hunt. All you want to do is sip on some cola and relax in front of the cool breeze of your air conditioner.


Summers are a completely unwelcoming season. They make you reluctant to do anything. They make you restless and unwilling, and fat and unfit. Now, you have just completed college and are thinking about give your career a serious direction. The idea of going job hunting, however, does not seem a pleasing one. Nonetheless, you want to make something out of the summer time and not waste it inside the four walls of your room. So you think about doing an internship. CareerBuilder India says, not a bad choice at all.
How to Get an Internship
1. Float Your Resume
The first thing that will get you noticed in the market is your resume. Send it to people who you know in the industry, and to those who you wish to know. Search the morning paper and the Internet to know about companies offering internship programs. Pursued Bachelors in Banking? Internship opportunities galore!
2. Grow Digitally
Join forums and groups that hold serious discussions and debates on career paths. Make a profile on career platforms. If you are hooked to Facebook, this summer make intelligent use of it to connect with people who can help you get an internship in a reputed organization.

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3. Get a Makeover
Do you really need that? Even if you have never felt socially awkward because of your looks or sense of dressing, believe us you do need it. The first step would be to read about professional dress etiquettes. Given that you have no experience of stepping-up in the professional milieu, it is quite obvious that you don’t have even the slightest idea of dressing for a job. As an intern you are not just required to learn the job, but the manner in which you have to conduct yourself as well.
4. Talk it Out
Let people know that you are looking for an opportunity as an intern. Tell them your requirement and the kind of experience that you are willing to gain. This way, the process will have better direction. Moreover, because your requirements would be clear, the chances of getting the right internship opportunity will be bright.

A Forbes article states that getting an internship is no cakewalk. Oddballs are played even when you appear for an internship interview. The article states, “Internship seekers should prepare for common interview questions like what are your strengths, or what are your weaknesses, but they can also expect less conventional queries.


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