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If you are a working professional and have a feeling that you do not get enough leaves or time to embark on a vacation, you are right. And this time around, statistical data is up there to support your cause. In a survey conducted by Expedia, a leading global travel company, having a presence in 33 countries, it was reported that India is the fourth most vacation deprived country in the world.

The survey was conducted online in 2016 across 28 countries in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia Pacific among 9,424 employed adults.

The report stated that only 63% Indians utilise vacation days and that too partially. And India is preceded by Spain (68%), UAE (68%), Malaysia (67%) and South-Korea (64%).

While 95% Indians feel that vacations are important, 21% have a feeling that choosing not to take leaves from work, have a positive impact on their professions, which is considerably higher than South Korea (12%), Brazil (11%) and Thailand (11%).

Manmeet Ahluwalia, marketing head, Expedia, India, opines that vacations play a critical role in creating work-life balance as it re-energizes people to be more focused at work (95% of Indians agree in the survey). According to Expedia’s Vacation Deprivation Survey 2016, 47% of Indians are ready to give up social media and television while 30% would give up internet and 27% can give up contact with their besties for a week, all for one additional day of vacation.

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However, there are some silver linings to the looming vacation cloud as well. The report also found that Indians have gradually evolved to travellers from tourists and new trends like solo travel, exploring new places and trying local cuisines have considerably increased.

It was also reported, more than 25% of Indians are willing to give up on daily activities like checking social media, surfing the Internet and even cut off contact with a close buddy while vacationing. Finally, it was found out that, whether they could afford to go on a vacation or not, more than 90% Indians, voted in favour of vacationing at least once in a year.

Take a look at the following infographic for a better understanding:

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