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Hiring is harder than ever nowadays. If you need to hire in tech or healthcare, you have probably felt the crunch.

Rather than spend your time exasperating to staff up, why not contract staffing firm that hires every day, all day long, with deep expertise in screening? It is precisely what staffing or HR outsourcing services are.

Here are a few good reasons to use the staffing service, subsequently highlighting the perils of employing the large recruiting companies.

Top benefits of using staffing firm

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Millions of small, medium and large enterprises use HR consultancies for their hiring and recruiting needs. Whether these organisations are looking to add on temp-to-hire staff, full-time or permanent staff for the long run or the temporary workers for short term assignments – they know that they can benefit from the use of staffing service.

Here are the advantages of using the HR outsourcing to find top talent faster than the competition.

Save Money

Organisations are always searching for ways to cut costs. Using the staffing firm can be one of the means to save more on recruitment because HR consultancy knows how to find the best talent. This, in turn, leads to increasing productivity, which will mean spending less on operational costs.

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Better talent, more talent

A staffing agency can develop the ideal candidate profile and easily find the perfect candidates matching the job description. These companies have bigger talent pools and know precisely where to find passive and active candidates in given industry. This way organisation never have to settle for the best of the worst again.

Added Flexibility

Several organisations use the contingent workforce due to the added flexibility. When temp-hire is on board through a staffing agency, a business can slow the production or halt it whenever needed. Organisations can have extra hands when they need them – for unexpected surges in business, maternity leaves, seasonal work, vacation time or sick leaves. Moreover, businesses would not have to deal with downsizing and layoff, either.

Reduced Risk

When staffing company is on board, it apparently reduces the risk of hiring wrong candidates. When organization put in time, money and effort to recruit on their own, there is always a risk of hiring a wrong person. This could mean having to do it all over again and at additional costs.

For instance, when organisations use temp-to-hire services, it not only let them test out a new employee before making a commitment to hire them full time.

Now, let’s discuss the downsides of hiring the large staffing agency

In several areas of business, having the large firms on your side is the good thing. It means having plenty of expertise at work for business and having lots of resources as well. Nevertheless, it is not the case of recruiting and staffing.

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Pitching a job to top talent take fineness

“Selling” the job opportunity to top talent is not a cake walk. They want to hear convincing reasons to make a career move. For instance, creative professionals need to comprehend why they were selected and how they add value to a project or business.

Large staffing firms are frequently replacing recruiters within an organization, often have high turnover. Moreover, they have a heavy client load, which makes it challenging to spend enough time speaking and researching with each customer to comprehend their requirements.

Ironically, expert recruiters are as difficult to find as talented candidates. Therefore, client account must be served by an experienced recruiter. Someone who has time and business savvy to successfully present business in a competitive candidate market.

Indirect candidate access

It’s hard to evaluate the individual employee before his or her onboarding. Here organisation must trust that the contracted recruiting firm has researched their background, completed skill assessments and conducted references.

Data Privacy

Often, for an outsourced recruiting agency to provide adequate service, some sensitive information about the business’s inner workings, organisational structure or product information is necessary to disclose to perform better. Whether deliberate or not, in such scenarios, there is always a probability of an information leak.

Before using a recruiting firm, wisely speculate the pros and cons of not just in-house and HR outsourcing services. Also, do a thorough research on employing right staffing firm that can find and deliver better talent within a stipulated time.

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