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Survey says 58% organizations today are struggling with employee retention and 56% recruiters face difficulty in finding the best suited candidate for the job profile.


Problem: Employees are either not satisfied or are able to find a better alternative to pursue their career dreams.

What research says? New Deloitte research shows that culture, engagement, and employee retention are now the top talent challenges facing business leaders.

Solution: Give them the work opportunities and environment for which they make a decision to move to different organizations. Also, thanks to social websites, which have contributed in making a company’s employment brand a public information, the power is now shifted in the hands of the job seekers. So, if yours is not the great place to work at, consider it neglected from candidate’s perspective.

What exactly does this mean?

It means the solution lies in the work culture of your organization. It is the employee or growth centric work culture that helps in attracting the top talent you are yearning to bring onboard. But what exactly does culture mean? I would say it’s a complex term that is the combination of behaviors, values, artifacts, reward systems, and rituals at your organization. Culture is not said but felt and is evident in people’s behavior, enthusiasm, and the space itself.

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How can you build a great culture?

Before you start the journey to enhance the work culture, you have to understand that it is about being simple. It should not be complex to understand. Like your strategy, your culture too has to be unique. And yes, it takes time to build culture and sometimes difficult too.

Take some examples from what the industry peers are doing:


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