recruitment trends 2015

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2015 has witnessed a more competitive recruiting environment as it was forecasted in 2014. With the growing demand and supply for skilled talent, 69% of recruiters have observed a talent crunch for the right candidates. Recruiting trends have been shifting and continue to take the lead till the end of 2015.

Human resource management systems are hence expected to follow the top 5 impactful recruiting trends, which would assist the recruiters to ride out the storm and stand out from their competitors.

recruitment trends 2015

The Top 5 recruiting trends so far in 2015 include:

  1. The Shift to Talent Branding

Talent branding simply emphasizes on promoting the organization as an excellent destination to work. According to latest research by a professional networking site, companies can alleviate the cost per each hire by 50%, as well as, the turnover rate by 28% if they showcase an influential talent brand to candidates. More and more human resource managers have witnessed that an influential talent brand can become a tool to fetch the most capable candidates. New start-ups and even the pre-existing ventures can take a swift shift to ‘talent branding’ to visualize the new growth in their industry. The recruitment jargon for this is also known as employer branding and many companies have now started taking this seriously.

  1. Mobile Extends its Roots in Recruitment
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According to sources, 43% of aspiring candidates want to make use of their mobile devicesto search for their dream jobs. On the contrary, 59% of recruiting managers do not even consider creating mobile-friendly career sites for their potential job seekers. Research shows the number of candidates applying through mobile device is on a rising rampantly . Recruiters must hence be more focused on formulating hiring strategies in 2015 that could reveal them as an attractive employer to the prospective candidates, while making their job search easier and convenient. Such a smart job search mechanism will certainly open a pool of candidates to appear for final interviews.

  1. Professional Networking Triumphs in Social Recruitment

Social media recruitment has witnessed a boom with nearly 73% of employers already planning to invest in this zone. Here comes the role of professional networking, whether online or offline becomes the most popular social platform that works excellent for recruiters in finding better hires. According to current data, 79% recruiters have been able to drive in candidates through a social networking website. With a whopping 94% rise in the number, recruiters are scouting for hires on many networking sites. Facebook is in queue, which is found to be used for hires by 66% of recruiters only.

  1. Videos to Overpower Recruiting
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According to a company survey, 50% of job seekers are more inclined towards watching online videos that drives the majority traffic. In the current scenario, many organizations have started putting up company videos talking straight to the candidates has also been implemented and has seen an overwhelming response by employers.

New or experienced, recruiters can devise video recruiting strategies by launching out videos for company branding, employee profiles, job offers & postings and more. Visual branding is the biggest tool to drive in the top potential candidates, who want to discover about their prospective  company.

  1. Referrals continue to dominate

Statistics reveal that referrals foster enhanced quality hires.  The top-notch companies such as Google itself believe that over 50% of the best candidates are a result of employee referrals. Tapping into this latest trend can go a long way in helping out even the newest of start-ups to the most established firms in the market to attract more candidates.

The 5 recruitment trends for 2015 listed above are designed for recruiters to stay ahead with the ever changing and challenging market scenario so as to get the most skilled talent to their organization.

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