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Yes, you read it right! Today, we’ll not talk about any learning list, but we will talk about one habit which many of us need to unlearn. The habit of working hard! Yes, if you are accustomed to working hard, then you need to unlearn this and instead, start working little less hard.

Here is why?

As believed by researchers, if you work hard or for more than eight hours a day, you will gradually start hating the work. Soon you will feel irritated and will mess up with your personal and professional life.

Also, it is now accepted that people who work for more hours are not too smart to get the work done efficiently. You might not be as organized as others to finish off your work within the office hours. Not just this, your team-working attributes are too under doubt along with efficiency & creativity.

What you need to do?

Many believe that by keep reminding themselves about the things they love, it gets better to concentrate on it. So, if you are one of those, I would suggest you to stop telling yourself that you are in love with your work and you have to focus on just the work. By doing this, you’ll not lose your edge by working all the day and will be able to take out time for other things to freshen up your senses and charge your energy boosters.

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Divide and enjoy! Divide your time into fractions and assign for your work, personal time, interaction, and for learning. Don’t screw up your life by working hard for hours. Even if you can smartly work in 5 hours then that would be sufficient, as it would make you learn to work efficiently & smartly.

Plan vacations! Yes, by staying away from work, you can actually increase the level of success. You never know while sitting on a rock under the sky you might get an idea that you couldn’t have got while sitting in front of your desktop at the office. Give some mental space if you really need some great ideas to pop into it.

So, unlearn the habit of working hard, instead be a ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’ one in your office.

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