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If every Monday morning, you wish Friday to come back asap, then you are probably not loving your current job! If by the mid of every week, you wish that there has to be an extra Sunday in lieu of Wednesday, then too you are not hopefully enjoying your work life to the fullest. In any case, the crux of the matter is you are living an important part of life half-heartedly. Is this fair? Is this what you really hoped for while starting your career? Surely not! isn’t it? Then what’s the solution? Is changing your job / work field a solution? Or something else needs to be done to make your current job happening?

To change job is surely one way, but that’s not a sure shot solution to make the work life happening. There are lot of other things, which you can do to love your current job. If you really want to know what those are, then scroll down:

To find the solution of any problem, it is important to identify the main reason behind its occurrence. Right? So, let’s do the same and jot down those major reasons for why one can be unhappy at work.

  • Getting stuck in the job

Ok, one of the perspectives can be that you are stuck in your current job. You might be feeling that there is no more learning scope for you, or there are less chances of promotion in your job. This feeling of stuckness is one reason that develops boredom in the current job.

What you can do when you are in such situation?

Communicating always brings solutions. Talk to your manager / boss regarding whether it is actually a situation or not. You can discuss the future prospects with your boss regarding your career with the company. So, before you decide to make the big move, indulge into exploring different options in the current job. Another way you can come out of this situation is by switching work. If you have a colleague, who is going through similar situation, then try to swap your work duties (make sure you do not forget to take the consent of your manager).

  • Good work brings no appreciation

Well, who doesn’t love appreciation. In case you are craving for a long time to get some of the hard work that you do, then that might be a reason for your unsatisfactory work life.

What you can do when you are in such situation?

Speak to your manager about how much do you value feedbacks. Ask him to sit with you once in a week, or twice a month to share both bad & good feedbacks with you. You can also suggest the development of an employee recognition team to come up with an employee efforts recognition process as the solution.

  •  You are overworked

If you are feeling the burden of over work, then again this could be a reason why you don’t love your work life.

What you can do when you are in such situation?

Under such situation, you need to be bit smart. At first, prepare a flowchart of your daily tasks and duties that you have to perform. Analyze how you can sort it out by eliminating all those tasks that do not require much attention and still eating your crucial time. Simply eliminate those from your tasks (do not forget to talk to your boss regarding the same) or try to identify ways to complete the tasks in lesser time. If you still feel overburdened, then you may discuss the situation with your boss regarding extra man resource.

There can be several other situations that would be affecting you if you are unhappy with your work life, so just identify those and find a solution before making your mind to change the job.

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