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What hiring strategy should we implement? How should we manage employees and cost? What measures could we take to retain employees for a longer haul? These are some of the common questions being popped in to the recruiter’s mind every now and then. Thanks to Chanakya, who has amazing answers to all these questions through his famous strategies, widely referred as “Chanakya Nitis”.

In the prevailing era of globalization, the free flow of technology across human resources has given birth to an ever-challenging business environment. No industry can progress today with a successful functioning of HR roles that are formulated by organizations aspiring to become great brands. In order to manage employees for this competitive edge, HR managers must revamp policies, initiatives and strategies that can eventually help them stand apart, especially during times of technological growth and development.

Chanakya, an avid philosopher, a teacher, and a diplomat has taught various great lessons to people in his times. Also called as Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta, the legendary strategist and teacher has put forth management strategies which can be very powerful if applied in the wise direction. His Nitishastra are worth reading and understanding for people in the recruitment industry as they can make you a great employer, HR leader or simply the conqueror of your organization. Chanakya’s teachings, having relevance in today’s competitive recruitment industry have been laid to help HR leaders refine their policy structures in  a way that ultimately turns into more business for the organization.

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Time is money for human resource. The beautiful infographic unfolds the top Nitis or strategies that educate the HR department in the most visually appealing way. Read on.

Chanakya Nitis for HR People

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