Unconventional work culture

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In today’s digital age, companies are not only battling to bring the best talent but emphasizing on creating a culture that helps retain the talent. The traditional approaches to attract and engage employees are somewhat losing their significance owing to the innovative thinking patterns, working styles, and needs of millennials. This is why an urge to create an unconventional office culture has also emerged.

Today’s’ employees want to say ‘goodbye’ to old habits and implement new ways to work. What they want is what CareerBuilder dig deeper into.

Through the fantastic infographic underneath, let’s unfold some amazing facts about what employees think and feel on various factors associated with an unconventional office culture.

As you will scroll through, you will find that a huge population of employees look up to Fridays as a source of doing something relaxing, refreshing and out of usual routine. Since every individual is different, you may find that there are some employees for whom Fridays are just like every other day.

However, we look deeper into the thought-process of employees; we come across a huge number of employees who love to go for companies that offer flexible timings, casual Fridays and do not include long meetings. This indicates a high percentage of individuals who are bored with conventional working styles and work set-ups and look forward to bring a transformation in how they work.

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Whether it is about tea breaks during work, or conducting meetings outside of conference halls or offering office parties, today’s workforce is ever enthusiastic, and believes in staying productive when something different is available to them on the table.

Unlike traditional employees who work for 9 hours in a conventional work set-up and go back home without any needs to change the working scenario, the new employees want to enjoy every bit of their work. Sports and meditation, which was earlier an activity to focus only after work hours have now emerged as an important tool to engage employees, retain employees and make them productive like never before.

The best part about the infographic designed by CareerBuilder is the catchy graphics and crisp content, which makes it easy for our readers to comprehend the essence of unconventional work culture and help to take a wiser decision.

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