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When it comes to work, money is obviously a big deal. However, for some, the usual 9-5 job is not really worth and such individuals often tend to opt for some uncommon career choices. While in most cases we are under the impression that uncommon or offbeat careers are not well paying, but it is not so. Certain offbeat careers do offer some great choices and the professionals also make a lot of money. Yes, even uncommon professions do pay well.

Let’s take a look at some of the uncommon/offbeat careers where you can choose to make a lot of money.

#1. Wildlife Photographer/Wildlife Conservationist

wildlife photographer

If you enjoy photography and have a penchant for the wildlife, becoming a wildlife photographer can be a good idea. Considered one of the most challenging forms of photography, a professional wildlife photographer has to have good craft skills. While no formal qualifications are required, but one must have the urge to travel and a passion for wild animals. Such professionals can choose to work for travel and environment magazines such as National Geographic or simply be self-employed. Depending upon their popularity and projects worked upon, they can earn anywhere between INR 60K to INR 1.25 lakhs per month.

On the other hand, becoming a wildlife conservationist is a truly uncommon profession. This can turn out to be a great career option for individuals who are conscious and concerned about ecological balance. Individuals need to pursue a degree in either ecology or wildlife biology. Those who are looking for more advanced positions might opt for a master’s degree. A wildlife conservationist protects and manages various environments such as forests and grasslands to ensure that they are safe for the plants and animals of the region. They are usually employed by governments. Such professionals can earn anywhere between INR 50K to INR 70K per month. Those who are looking to opt for uncommon/offbeat careers, can choose to beocme a wildlife conservationist.

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Annual Salary: INR 5 lakhs – INR 12 lakhs per annum

#2. Travel Professionals/Travel Bloggers

Sumitra Senapaty: Founder, WOWClub

Do you enjoy travelling and penning your experiences? How about turning your passion into your profession and becoming a full-time travel blogger? Sounds exciting? Isn’t it? Well, since the tourism and hospitality industry has recorded a boom, travel blogging as a profession has also emerged considerably. What you do is, simply get paid for travelling and writing about a particular place. And if you have been able to strike a chord with your readers—you have bagged a deal. Once you have established a name for yourself, you can easily get to write for leading Indian dailies and travel magazines. And at times, icing on the cake can be, you get invited to a travel bloggers’ meet in New Zealand!

On the flipside, it might take some time to get recognition and establish yourself as competition is very tough in the domain. But, once done life can become a roller-coaster ride. Some well-known Indian travel bloggers/writers include Siddhartha Joshi (The Wanderer), Lakshmi Sharath (www.lakshmisharath.com) and Shivya Nath (The Shooting Star).

Now, becoming a travel professional or an entrepreneur can also be a good idea as you not only get to travel yourself, but also make others travel and of course make a lot of money. Travel groups like Women on Wanderlust, (founder, Sumitra Senapaty) and Wonderful World (founder, Shibani) conduct travels across the globe.

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While remunerations can range anywhere between INR 1 lakh to INR 1.5 lakh per month, depending upon the popularity, travel professionals do make a decent living.

Annual Salary: INR 5 lakhs to INR 12 lakhs per annum

#3. Cicerones/Sommeliers

Magandeep Singh: India’s first certified sommelier

Everyone gets high on wines, scotches and other alcoholic drinks. But sommeliers know the exact highs and lows of a pint of beer or a glass of wine. Wine tasting or beer tasting is a full-fledged service and demands great skills, along with sound knowledge of these kind of beverages.

While there are still no professional schools in India offering courses for aspiring sommeliers and cicerones, a degree or a diploma in hotel management can be a good idea. Some certificate courses can also be of help in this domain. However, if you want to specialize particularly in wine-tasting and beer-tasting courses, you have to consider moving abroad.

However, the profession of a sommelier is now being accepted in India, and Magandeep Singh happens to be India’s first internationally certified sommelier. Such professionals can end up earning a lump sum amount as their remunerations; that can go up to INR 1.5 lakhs per month.

Annual Salary: INR 5 lakhs to INR 14 lakhs

#4. Radio/Video/Disc Jockeys

Nikhil Chinappa
Nikhil Chinappa: One of India’s celebrity video jockeys

Do you excel in glib talking? Don’t think it’s demeaning, it’s actually a great skill and you can earn loads of money just by talking! Yes, that’s the basic job description for a radio jockey or RJ.

On the other hand, if you have a passion for music and love mixing various tunes, you can surely become a Disc Jockey. Similarly, the career option of a Video Jockey (VJ) is attractive.

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Interestingly, these professions do not really require in professional degrees or qualifications; but one must be oozing with confidence to be able to perform such tasks with much ease. For VJs, looks do matter, however to some extent.

Remunerations of such professionals depend upon experience and popularity of the individual. RJs make roughly anywhere between INR 20–25K per month in the beginning. However, this can easily go up to INR 60–70K over time. On the other hand, for DJs and VJs pay packages are the most attractive part; a DJ can earn anywhere between INR 8K-10K per show (sometimes even day/night) and it can be around INR 15K per show as well. Depending upon the popularity earnings of a VJ can go up to INR 2.5 lakhs a month. Some well-known names in the domain include that of Cyrus Broacha and Nikhil Chinappa.

Annual Salary: INR 12 lakhs to INR 35 lakhs per annum

Apart from the above-mentioned professions, other offbeat professions that pay really well include voice-over-artists, surfers, greeting card writers, tea-tasters and ice-cream tasters.

Keep in mind that every career does offer opportunities to grow professionally, provided that you pursue it with full dedication. Moreover, with an ever-changing economy, it is quite obvious that more unconventional careers will open up in the near future. So, chase your passions, pursue your dreams and turn them into reality!

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