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Every second in a day makes Big Data grow. Why is it so much hyped about? And numerous such questions are still a mystery for many of us. Your mind might be cluttered with ample of such unanswered or complicated concepts related the data analysis. In that case, are you able to make the best of data creation? I doubt!

There is a much fuss around, and not just one but 80% of the recruiters/ HR professionals have concerns regarding analyzing or use of big data. “Only 4% of companies are ready and using Big Data precisely,” quotes Premlesh Machama –Managing Director – India, Career Builder from a recent survey.

Many consider this as a myth; however Analytics cannot be neglected as it is real. On one hand where resume talks about what candidates have told, big data talks about what they have not told. So it helps you not just take the right decision at the right time but help in predicting future as well.

Big Data helps the recruiters to hire with right insights. It helps you to predict about candidate’s stay in a company and be prepared with the replacement.

Well, you need not to atleast live with doubts on data analytics in recruitment and HR any more, as CareerBuilder India is hosting a TweetChat to help you get all the answers.

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<h2>TweetChat on Big Data in HR</h2>

Tweetchat on Big Data

You may question anything related to big data in HR, be it the basic ones like What is big data?”, “How is big data analyzed?”, “How do I learn about big data?”, “What is the next big thing after big data?”, “What are some of the mind-blowing facts ?”, “What are the Top 10 Problems?”, “What opportunities will be most profitable?”, “What is it like to do research?”

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