You wish you could be more efficient, do much more in less time. Most times than not, you are wasting time on trivial jobs which can be done in less time. Planning your day requires skill, planning business activities with time management requires adeptness.

Here are some quick tips and tricks to improve your time management qualities-


Make A List
After you’ve made a list of things to be done, prioritize them. After putting them in a list of priority, schedule them by your productive capacity, i.e. the most important tasks in the most productive period of your day.
Take break
Short regular breaks are necessary when you are working for long hours on the same task. Grab some time out and stick to it. Get out of your work space, breathe in some fresh air, and shove down some food stuffs.
Call for instructions
Calling is much of a time saver when it comes to simply giving instructions to somebody. Emails work well one there is more than one person included in your instructions, or when some formality or record has to be maintained. The quicker way to get small tasks done is essentially by calling.


During Meetings-
Set agendas
Before calling for a meeting make sure everybody knows what it is about, so that the attendees are prepared in advance. An unorganized meeting is a drab affair and has the potential to digress and be inefficient.
Reading presentations a strict no-no
Everybody is said to have read the material to be discussed in advance, so reading presentations during meetings is a straight no. The discussion should be to-the-point centered on the next steps, with the plan of action at hand.

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Outsourcing or Delegating-
Play to your strengths
Do stuff that you have command over and outsource things you know less about. Also, outsource according to a person’s capability. Doing the work you know better, takes lesser time to accomplish rather than the work you don’t know about.
Don’t hire for the sake of it
If there are tasks undone, hiring is not always the right solution to it. Some tasks can be delegated and adjusted in the present workforce. You need to seriously evaluate if you need to take somebody on the payroll or would it do to simply outsource the tasks.


Time management and multi-tasking are easier when done on schedule and thought about before committing. Great planning is the way ahead in most cases!


Share your time-management techniques in the comments below-

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