how to sound confident

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Be it in any context, be it while talking to individual or a group, be it a client meeting or meet up with college friends, one thing that can make you shine or make you most popular (important) is your confidence. There is nothing like the days when you feel confident. But what about those days when you are not 100% confident? That day can be an important meeting day as well, so does it mean it will go all bad? No, atleast not with these tricks that can make you sound confident. Check out and start implementing:

how to sound confident

1. Your posture matters:

You would have heard trillion of times that your body language talks before you start speaking. So, if you are not confident, your body language can depict it. So, the first thing is make sure it sounds confident. You just need to pay little attention like stand straight, sit straight, with head held high and shoulders at back. Yes, it demands practice, and make sure you do that without fail to sound confident in every situation.

2. Gesture:

It’s similar to maintain the right body posture. Your gestures too can help you sound confident. You do not just have to wave your hands every now and then during conversations, instead you need to focus on making the gestures for the most impactful words. Also, it is an art that you might have to learn how you need to reserve the movements and use them in control. You can check out these 7 Hand Gestures that Influence Others During a Conversation also.

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3. Speak slowly

Some people are naturally fast talkers while some tend to speak fast in nervousness. Speaking in a faster pace indicates lack of confidence & authority. So, if you can speak little slowly, then that can help you sound confident. It would also give you time to think through your words. Also, the person with whom you are conversing with will get more time to digest what you are talking about. So, don’t compromise with your speaking integrity and give your sentences a weightier rhythm.

4. Advantage from Pauses

Pauses are effective in their own way. This is an amazing strategy to learn from having better conversation or giving value to what you speak. If you are giving a public speech, then take a one second pause after saying a significant statement. This would not just add more weight to what you have said, but would also let the audience absorb it.

And yes, taking a pause during conversation also allows you to collect the thoughts and prepare yourself for what you have to speak next, giving you more confidence.

5. Avoid conversational fillers

Take for example that you are sitting for your job interview and you are been asked a direct question. In such situations, be as much relevant as you can. If you’ll look forward to some related story that happened years ago, then would just depict as conversational filler and would make you sound unconfident. Even if you have to include such asides, make sure they are relevant.

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6. Curb your voice range

Before I say anything, have a look at this powerful speech by Steve Jobs on Stay Hungry… Stay Foolish…


Didn’t you feel the authority and confidence in whatever he has said? It’s so natural and attention binding and one of the reasons behind it is the range of vocal voice. Throughout his speech, he has maintained the lower tones of voice, which is adding weightage to what he is saying.

Learning from him, and hundred of other great speakers, while delivering a speech or talking generally, curb your voice and don’t force yourself, else you’ll sound unnatural, and obviously unconfident too.

Try to practice these tips and then sounding confident would become second nature to you. Goodluck!

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