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Suraj Narain, Head -Staffing and Resourcing at eClerx talks to CareerBuilder India on various hiring trends prevailing today. Here is a direct video interview and its transcription.

Will the last election results positively influence employment scenario?

This time we have seen a very interesting elections happening and we know for sure that there is going to be a long term impact on how and what decisions the government takes, and what is going to happen to various sectors. We already know that the new government is taking some actions on the retail industry by opening up FDI’s. There would be lot of new players coming in and there would be more competition, which is going to take place. In the ITM & ITS industry, we will also see a lot of movement in the way the talent has been reacting to various campaigns by various companies. There are far more players, who are coming in now and government is reviewing its policies on how it is creating new SIZ and STPIs in a lot of new places. The new government is talking about creating a new quadrilateral. They are also talking about 50 new B class towns. And there are lot of other B class cities which are coming up with IT hubs. So, I‘m sure the policies of the new government will definitely have an impact in a way the talent pool availability is concerned. Because there is a lot of pressure on the metros currently; there infrastructure is under huge pressure and I think by creating and having the new cities, it would definitely be a very positive outlook in terms of how the talent pool will shape up and how the business is going to shape up.

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Which industry do you think will flourish the most in the near future?

Well, I think the retail industry definitely will have a long term impact. The retail industry, if we look at it, has been the largest employer of the globe, and in India also it is the largest employer, it’s just that it is in the unorganized sector so far. Now, once we see the organized sector shaping up, we will have lots of key global players being able to attract talent. So, I think retail is one industry, which one is to watch out for. Besides, there will be lot of action will continue to happen in the automobile section. Manufacturing at large, automobile in particular, because there are new facilities and new players, which are entering into the market and lot of action is going to happen with the domestic players as well, so that’s an industry to watch out for.

How important is employer transparency while recruiting talent?

With the advent of social media, and with companies not having very interactive websites, people want to know even more. So, it is imperative that a lot of companies know have a very transparent method of talking about not just the entire interview process but also about how the life of the employee is gonna be once he joins the company.

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Do you prefer hiring talent via Social Media Platforms?

A lot of companies today are using social media in lot of ways. There are some of the players, who are just listening to what is happening, what is the buzz being talked about, and they are trying to understand various reactions in the market, and then at the same time, there are lot of people who are using it very strategically in terms of attracting special skills which are needed for their organization. They are able to engage focus, groups and talks to certain forums in a very different way and engage them even if they are not hiring actively. So, engagement becomes a primary activity and hiring is a byproduct, which takes place because of the actions on the social media.

How important are social media profiles for employers and employees?

Today the social graph of a person is being looked at from various angles. People are not just looking at the plain vanilla CV which is coming in; there are video CVs which are coming and there are people who are talking about what they have done & their achievements and they are showcasing this in a much better way, like they are incorporating graphics in their CVs, they are incorporating what others have to say about them. There are also lot of sites which allow them to have endorsements & recommendations by other people, and they are giving away links for these kinds of applications. I think in totality a social profile of any candidate makes a huge difference today.

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Are mobile phones the new big recruitment tool today?

Mobile will play a very important role. The advent of smart devices today allow you to be glued and remain in touch with your social groups, and it allows you to give instant response to any kind of campaigns which are flowed by various employers. So I think mobile is here to stay and it is definitely going to evolve from where it is right now.

Do you prefer ‘Volume’ hiring?

If you are a employer trying to hire a lot of people in volume segment wherein your hiring is in a mass hiring way, then you have to adopt methods which allow you to automate and do certain amount of screening at various stages of your interview process. So it is imperative that those automations take place and reduce the burden on the hiring engine and allow your engine to be more efficient.

Are traditional talent hiring methods fading away?

I think traditional hiring methods, which is just doing job posting or waiting for a candidate to respond to an advertisement are fading away as we stay.


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