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Did you know? Your resume is not impressive as it can be until it is adapted for the benefit of the particular reader. You probably come across several tips and advice that tell you “how to make your resume stand out,”.

However, some of those tricks you might have already tried on your resume, but unfortunately, it did not work as they claimed or as you thought they would do. The Golden rule is to – CUSTOMIZE YOUR RESUME EVERY TIME, you spot a promising new opportunity.

Take a quick look at following Infographic “Resume – A Reflection of your Professional Personality,” which will give you a basic idea of resume writing essentials including – fun facts about job search market, types of ideal resume and seven golden tricks to create a perfect resume.
While a resume is fundamentally a marketing tool, it should not read like marketing. When you start writing your resume keep following points in mind:

  • Clearly state what sort of job you want and know what experience and skill set is needed to do well in the job
  • Once the resume objective is determined, prioritize the content of your resume
  • Be concise, factual and state compelling results
  • Smartly highlight your accomplishments and proven track record in your resume
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Above mentioned resume writing pointers is essential for designing a “perfect resume.” However, a published infographic will teach you to write a resume equivalent to one done by a top-notch professional writer. As it will make you aware of the following information:

  • The job search market facts that job seekers must know about including, how recruiters are seeking candidates for open positions.
  • The four types of resume – Chronological, Functional, Combination and Targeted resume and which format should be used depending on the kind of job you are applying to.


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