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Staffing firms can play a significant role in the process of talent acquisition. These days, organizations often resort to external HR partner to fulfill their talent acquisition requirements. Staffing firms are usually external business partners that help organizations in dealing with their hiring needs against a sum of money.

These often include external HR partners, staffing companies and recruitment process outsourcing agencies that enable organizations to do their best regarding human resources and talent acquisition.

There is nothing inherently superior when it comes to recruiters working with external HR partner. However, in certain cases, even HR partners or staffing firms do not take full-advantage of the opportunity. Many end up competing fiercely – on lowering prices, sometimes presenting the same candidates to their clients – so on and so forth.

Therefore, as an organization, if you wish to work with an external HR partner or a staffing firm, do remember to evaluate them properly. Evaluation is essential to make things work. So, what are the things that as an organization you need to keep in mind?

Let’s take a look:

#1. HR partners cover both the active and passive talent market – therefore making better new hires

The only reason why you should pay a substantial fee of 20% or more for a candidate is, the candidate that a staffing firm gets you would be far superior than you think. To get a sense of this, find the company to present a few of their best candidates. Ask them how they succeeded in the search for some of the best possible candidates and compare them with those you are now interviewing for the same job roles.

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#2. HR partners have the time to hone their search skills and thereby get you probably the very best of candidates

Well, you need to be a successful recruiter to be able to tap and recruit passive candidates. While dealing with HR business partners, it becomes much easier for an organization to be able to tap some of the best possible job candidates. Even if corporate recruiters have similar abilities and might consider taking things ahead, they might not be able to come up with the best possible candidates, which probably an HR partner can get them. And somehow, tapping a passive candidate

#3. They have deep-rooted network and finds talent faster

One of the best reasons to work with external HR partners is they usually have a huge network base, and this is one of the biggest benefits of working with them. Since their job is to tap passive talent and gradually build a strong base, it is always beneficial to work with them.

#4. Often the best people want to work with them

Yes. You might be a little surprised in these terms, but it is a fact that some of the top performers want to work with good HR partner. Top passive candidate, especially those with four-five years’ experience and more, often seek out the best third-party business HR partner and thus end up accepting the best job offers.

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#5. They have substantial credibility with hiring managers

The best HR partners or recruiters often need to work more closely and often with the same hiring managers. This eventually ensures a trust factor is developed which is usually difficult to replicate with another corporate recruiter who needs to work with multiple hiring managers. Surprisingly, many talent leaders prevent HR partner firms from working directly with hiring managers and therefore, losing the chance to leverage this kind of a partnership.

#6. The best HR partner offer longer guarantee periods

If an external HR partner or a recruiter is not willing to provide a guarantee of time span – six months or one-year, then their ability to deliver quality candidates must be questioned. However, if they truly know what they are doing and are allowed to do it, then this kind of a guarantee must not create any problem – either for the contingency or the retained search firm.

Choosing to work with an HR partner or a recruiting partner that meets all of the criteria mentioned above should be a part of every company’s talent acquisition plan. If you ever come across such as great HR partner or an HR outsourcing firm, then you must go ahead, embrace the abilities, and make the most of it.

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